Diamonds Cheats in Dungeon Gems iPhone

Gameloft launched Dungeon Gems on iOS and Android phones, where you will get to match Elemental Runes to trigger attacks from your team of heroes.
Here, you can select up to 220 “powerful RPG heroes” powered by different kinds of Runes
And, every hero here has their own skills and elemental attacks at their disposal.

dungeon gems walkthrough ios android

At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to select your class first
Selecting the character class will determine when you are battling enemies, whereby you will need to pick a character from the right class in order to beat certain enemies in the game.

After picking the class, you will go into battle, in which you must make sure that you have a good mix of heroes in your lineup.

It is caused by, doing this will cover all bases ahead of the fight, it will also give you assurance that you will get the right type of hero to match up with specific enemies.

On the other side, if you are newbie in this game, you may be confused at first about the different gems and how they can impact your enemies.
When seeing this, you can try to tap on a gem to test its attack power so that you can see how it would work against an enemy and impact the bad guys when battling with them.

For further, your friends heroes will be your lifeline as they can help you by making your attacks more potent, and they represent a different gem type that will be handy when battling with enemies.

Sometimes, you will find yourself adding duplicate heroes to your team.
In accordance with this, you can sacrifice new duplicates to enhance an existing one.
After a hero has been enhanced, they will have a higher attack rating.
At this point, you can get the same effect by evolving your heroes, but the drawback here is that it will cost you some coins.

In addition, you will be able to get new heroes in limited time events
According to this, you will get invitation to join limited time events which will give you a chance of getting new heroes
By taking part in these events, you will fight for rare heroes.
And, playing in these events will be challenging, in that you will be rewarded with rare heroes which are invariably more powerful than you have right now.
So, always participate in these events when they come to you

Besides, you will also have to collect some gems which are the premium currencies of this game
If you can beat your enemies in the battlefield, you will be awarded with gems
And, if you will be the champion in the limited time events, you will have a chance to get more free gems and rare heroes for your collection


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