Diamonds Cheats in Circle Surfer iPhone

Circle Surfer from Sevo Games can be categorized into a new endless game that is especially for iOS and Android devices, where you can control the obstacles standing in front of your ninja’s path.

circle surfer walkthrough ios android

In each level, your ninja will run around and jump the circle
Here, your main goal is to make the obstacles in his path jump so that they will not get in his way so that he can pass them in one piece.

This game also features diamonds as the premium currency and you can get them for free while running through them on the circle

Later on, you can collect diamonds on the stage itself that you can then use to purchase new characters. Alternatively, if you want to get those diamonds quickly, you just go to the in app purchase store and watch a free advertisement video.
By watching one video offer, you will be rewarded with 50 diamonds.
So, if you want to rack up more diamonds freely, you should watch as many videos as you want until they run out, then you can go back again in 15 minutes in order to watch them again

On the other side, you will also get free diamonds from social media actions such as liking the game on Facebook, following the game on Twitter, following the game on Instagram, or sending an email telling the developers what you have experienced about the game.
Once having enough free diamonds, you can now get an access to unlock some new characters.

Meanwhile, when running and jumping on that circle, be sure to pay attention to the speed of the surfer.
The speed of your surfer will never change no matter how many points you have
For such reasons, make sure to tap the screen at the same speed per space when an obstacle is covering.
After getting the rhythm down, you can use that for a very long time without dying in each level.

In addition, every stage changes colors a lot based on how far you are into the level and how many points you have got along the game.

Here, if you see certain color combination start throwing you off or if you are having a bit of trouble with the colors in stock form, you can invert the colors, increase the contrast, or put your entire phone in grayscale.
Doing these will make the game easy to focus on.


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