Diamonds Cheats in Best Fiends iPhone

Best Fiends is a kind of puzzle RPG which is made by Seriously, where you will have to complete the main goal that is to fight against the evil slugs for control of Minutia, as well as collecting diamonds and meteor mites.

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In this game, you will need energy, and when you run out of energy, you will either have to wait for it to be restored fully or get more of them with diamonds.

Because of this, you can do the time lapse trick in order to get more energy freely
At this point, just set the time ahead in the date and time settings, you can then go to the game and you will get your energy restored quickly.
Afterwards, you can then set the time back to normal and your energy will still be there when you go back to the game again.

Alternatively, you can get energy from your friends who play the game via Facebook, and you can get 30 free diamonds from them.
On the other side, you can also find free diamonds when popping a combo next to them on the stage, in which it enables you to collect the diamond, and you are able to unlock one of the boxes that you need a key to unlock.

Later on, you can save up nine of those keys to find more characters, then you can use all nine of them at once on the same set of boxes
It is caused by, whenever a new character becomes available to unlock, it will take up one of the boxes.
Here, other boxes will contain gems and meteor mites, and one box contains a meteor mite jackpot.

In the way of fighting back the Slugs and reunite their families, the Best Fiends must grow and level up
Then, you can discover their special powers and go for the mystery at Mount Boom.

In order to make big combos, you can finish slugs as quickly as possible with the characters whose attack power is the highest.
The characters of this game represent to color

Temper is green
Tantrum is red
Howie is blue
Kwincy is yellow
Brittle is purple

For further, you can then start knocking off a bunch of every color but except the strongest one, then you are able to set up for a gigantic combo, and the huge combo will do loads of damage towards any foe.

When you deliver more than enough damage to kill a slug, you will may get more slugs left over
Afterwards, you will then damage the slug that has not even shown up yet
At this point, you can try to use one of your gigantic combos.
In addition, when you open and unlock boxes, you can also find a permanent energy increase.


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