Diamonds Cheats in Batman Arkham Underworld iPhone

Warner Bros has continued to launch their newest series of Batman game
This new series is called Batman: Arkham Underworld that you can play both on the ios and android devices

batman arkham underworld walkthrough ios android

Seemingly, this game may adapt Clash of Clans style where it is still based on DC’s ever popular Batman universe
Here, ou will develop your own hideout while trying to take over Arkham City along with the popular villains such as the Riddler, Harley Quinn, and more

As you may have known that this game features diamonds or gems as the premium currency that you can get in any other ways
One of that way is to complete the quests or headlines which will be explained in the next statements

Similar to any game in the same genre, you will be served with a series of quests or the headlines
You can access those by tapping the newspaper at the top left corner of the main menu.

There, make sure to get the listed objective completed to get some rewards
Every quest or headline here has multiple levels to it
And, they must be completed three times before they are maxed out.

If you can do so well, you will be granted with diamonds, the premium currency as a reward for completing headlines
These diamonds will give you a chance to purchase more bundles in the game

During in your quests, you may deal with some foes, where they remain under your direct control at all times.
In other words, after completing an order you assign them to, you may have to reassign them a new position or target to attack.

When doing so, never let your super-villain fall behind your thugs.
It is caused by without a super-villain to take the hits, your thugs will be beaten quickly which will guide you to have no back up

Thus, try to have your super-villain lead the charge for your thugs.
Remember that some types of super-villains can be tanker due to their higher health or their abilities to help them mitigate damage toward enemies.

As as illustration, the second active ability of the Riddler is Holograms which can create decoys of the Riddler
And, they do not deal any damage and can absorb hits for him.
Plus he has also Question Arc, a high powered blast of electricity directed as a beam.

Harley Quinn has skill called as Jack of Hearts, a sentry gun disguised as a present.
This skill can destruct once it uses up all of its ammo, so that it can be harmful to any nearby enemies

Note that each skill of your heroes will have a relatively short 15 second cooldown once it has been used at a time

For further, you may think of all of your super-villains and their abilities before sending them on a mission or quests

On the other side, these super villains must spend skill points to learn new skills
Moreover, they also gain experience during in the missions
This experience point will help them level up and earn a skill point to spend.

So, always consider to select your skills wisely
Sometimes, when you are about to reallocate the super-villains skill points, you have to use 10 diamonds to make it happen

In addition, having some luxury items will generate Respect points for you, which will make you to have better thugs and some valuable items for your heroes
Make sure to place them all over your hideout.
It is caused by when another player is about to raid your hideout, your positioned thugs can act like a cover and use furniture to make them survive much more longer in the game.


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