Diamonds Cheats in Agents of Storm iPhone

As seen from the preview of agents of storm, this game is expanding the base building strategy genre along with a lot of new and unique approaches wrapped within.

agents of storm strategy guides ios android

Throughout the game, you will be assigned to collect the diamonds which is the main currency of this game
At the beginning of the game, you will not need to use these diamonds in which you can spend your valuable diamonds on rushing the production early on.
Just save them and wait the required minute to put those diamonds to better use later on

In the way of getting some free diamonds, make sure to check out the missions and complete them for some nice diamond rewards.
On the other side, you are able to watch videos for free diamonds
So, make sure you do it whenever you have the chance in order to get a ton of them

Along the game, you will be served with the most fun and the most difficult part of the game that is attacking other bases.
Before attacking the other bases, always check out the radar view to see how the turrets are located and you have to find potential weak zones there.
Then, only choose the lanes that give you an advantage so that you can deploy your boats in.
At this point, you can try to stay away from double fire
At the same time, you have to try to get as many Jade barrels as possible too because they will help you during the HQ attack.

Make sure to use all the Jade barrels during the attacks as you can not take them home
Here, you do not have to deploy all your troops or all of them at once.
Sometimes, it would be great to deploy some on the flanks to take out turrets easier
Later on, after you clear those turrets, you can deploy one ship in the middle lane to get the Jade barrels with ease.

To win the battle, just use your entire fleet in battle.
In this game, you will not automatically lose your troops when the battle is over, so you can always send in all that you have got in order to ensure that you get an easy win.

In order to get a high enough reward, you can replay easy missions and play it over and over again.
You can take advantage of this in which the less damage you get and the more resources you collect at the end of the battle, the better for your home base and faster its development.

Once completing each mission, make sure to upgrade as soon as you have the chance
Early on, focus on upgrading the resource generating buildings
Put on your priority on gold first because you will need a lot of it for attacking and you will not make it back during the battles, but eventually everything has to be upgraded.

For further, stay alert of the Ladder matches
The Ladder here can offer you some really good rewards
In line with this, make sure that you only attack with a full fleet and enough time to get some results. Also, you can always try to play the ladder daily for having some bonus rewards


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