Diamonds Cheats Hollywood Story iPhone

Hollywood Story form nanobitsoftware can be said as a new celebrity-simulator that you can play on the ios devices.

hollywood story trailer walkthrough ios android

Here, your main goal is to start from the bottom of the New York pile to the top of the A-list of the celebrity community.

To make it true, you will go from audition to another
But, you will not sometimes have all of the items that you need to make it into one of the auditions.
For such reasons, just go outside and start searching around all of the items that you see such as cans, old newspapers, etc.

This game will require energy to do some actions
In line with this, if you run out your energy, you can do the time lapse trick to get it back instantly
To do this, just go to the date and time settings and set the time ahead.
You can then use the timer bug to your advantage and do as many auditions as possible.

Sometimes, you will need to complete certain quests for rewards in form of diamonds as the premium currency of this game

At this point, if you need a fast way to get from one place to another, just go to the map area in the upper right corner of the screen to have an available quest to complete
There, you will see that area to be highlighted in yellow on the map scree
Just tap it to go back automatically to that area.
And, if you have been there, it will be highlighted in purple and you can still tap any non-highlighted area to go there as well.

To increase your skills, just go to the gym or to the drama factory.
In the mean time, you can also take advantage of the energy bug and use them until you max out your skills.
If you have higher skill, you will get more fans for each audition.
Also, you can work on drama, charisma and creativity at the drama factory, and body at the gym.

In order to get more fans, just keep go for a consistent audition schedule.
Here, if you even forget about an audition you will lose fans
According to this, if you do not plan on playing for awhile, just do not go to the agentโ€™s office and start an audition until you are planning to play online again.

In addition, this game will need diamonds which act as the premium currency
You can get them on this game if you can successfully complete each quest or the winner of each audition

Of, if you want to get them fast, you can purchase them on iap store
With diamonds that you have collected, you can get new clothes that you can wear to win the competition on audition



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