Diamonds Cheats Heroes and Titans Battle Arena iPhone

If you like playing rpg on mobile, you will be served with a team-based RPG called Heroes and Titans: 3D Battle Arena developed by Gosu Group

heroes and titans logo walkthrough ios android

In this game, you can create a team of fantasy heroes to combat the mighty titans
Also, you will be able to collect equipment, level up skills, and fight against enemies for glory and resources, diamonds and gold, the main currencies of this game

Every hero in this game will give six equipment slots.
And, be sure to find enough equipment to fill up all the slots, that will alloy you to promote the hero.

During promotion, the equipment is sacrificed and you will get the stats gained from the equipment will permanently be melded into the hero.
later on, you can keep doing this to keep your heroes in the most powerful one

In order to get the equipment to promote your hero, you can replay in older levels
Here, just go into a hero’s profile and check their empty equipment slots
There, you can find out where the equipment drops that you can pick for your hero.
You can do this by revisiting some levels to complete an equipment set for your heroes.

When promoting your hero, you can then level up their skills
In initial level, your heroes will only start out with one skill and their active skill.

Once they level up through promotion, they can unlock additional skills, which are usually passive skills that will be always active
You can level up these skills in the hero’s profile page that will make them more powerful.
To level it up, you need gold that you can collect by beating any enemies in each level

On the other side, you can get gold inside the free chests
The silver chests will give you useful items, equipment, and sometimes even a hero piece
You can open this chest for free once every five minutes.
In line with this, you can open the gold chest for free once every two days, in which this chest will provide you super rare items

Every time you do a battle against enemies you will see that they will drop bubbles with icons in them.
These bubbles will give you power ups which you can activate by tapping them and holding up to two at a time.

In addition, as said earlier, you are tasked to collect gold and diamonds, the main currencies of this game
In order to get more gold, you can explore each level and beat enemies there
And, you can find gold in the gold chest

Meanwhile, to get diamonds for free is hard as it may only be available on the store
Sometimes, if you can complete each level and beat enemies boss, you will be granted with a bunch of rewards which may be in form of diamonds


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