Diamonds Cheats for Vowels Spin in Wheel of Fortune Free Play iPhone

If you often watch the popular TV game show called Wheel of Fortune you may have known that that title has become a new game for ios and android


Now, if you are a fan of that show, you can play Wheel of Fortune Free Play: Game Show Word Puzzles on your mobile devices

Similar to the TV show, you can also join hosts Pat Sajak and Vanna White to spin the wheel and guess the phrase to solve

Here, all you will do is to solve puzzles and collect artifacts, then move from one location to another while solving puzzles against other opponents

In this game, you will be able to play with the classic game and gain high score to be compared to your Facebook friends
Besides, you can make your own puzzles sent to your friends to solve and to have added to the game

Along the game, the bonus rounds are the only rounds where you will not be able to brute force through.
Once entering your initial consonants and vowels you will need the hints to solve the puzzle.

In order to get more and more hints, you need diamonds that you can get by completing every puzzle in the level

With hints, you will get a chance to win the bonus rounds.
In line with this, your bonus round combo meter will reset if you lose any bonus round
So, try not to let it happen by completing every puzzle in each round

The game also gives the bonus round where you can get money and gain souvenirs to unlock a passport to your next destination.
At this point, you can create a second collection of souvenirs for a decorative frame around your profile.
If you can get third souvenir matched well, you will be granted with diamonds as reward.

Diamonds can be said as the premium currency, which you can get by logging onto Facebook
Once logging in to Facebook account and connect the game to it, you will be rewarded with 300 diamonds for free.

Moreover, you can complete offers in the in-app purchase store and watch the ad videos to get free diamonds as a bonus.

Plus, if you can complete the goals, you will earn free diamonds
In related to the goals, there are two types of goals which are daily and lifetime goals.
Daily goals will reset once per day
And, lifetime goals will always stay there.
If you participate in the daily goals, you will get more diamonds than the lifetime ones

All your diamonds will be useful to change the category when the level starts
Therefore, always consider to save your diamonds to play a bonus round when you lose, or to get a box which will give you more artifacts.

On the other side, you will get a chance to vote on each puzzle at the end of round
According to this statement, voting a certain number of times on puzzles will usually be a part of your daily goals
Thus, be sure not to skip out on them since it will the game to pick the best and most fun puzzles for you in daily basis

When you are about to solve puzzles, the most common letters in the English language excluding vowels will be in form of T, N, S, H, R, D, L, and C letter.
Early on the level, you may guess R and N with those two letters.
The main point is to pick any of the other letters in the beginning of the level

To make some differences and possibilities, you can purchase vowels after a spin
And, you can wait for your opponent to get some vowels
In accordance with this, always watch and learn how far the puzzle is discovered when being at this level

If you play with the AI players, they are programmed to solve the puzzle automatically after enough letters have been found there
For such reasons, never wait too long, or you may give the game to your rival


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