Diamonds Cheats for Soulstones in DragonSoul RPG iPhone

DragonSoul from PerBlue can be categorized into a brand new and extremely addictive RPG that you can play on the ios android platforms

dragonsoul rpg beta walkthrough ios android

To play this game, you will simply control your character directly in this game and use their super powers when battling against enemies

Just try use any powered-up skills in the early moments of the stage to get the extra advantage
If you can do it well, you will have them all recharged and ready to be used in the most difficult stage.
In the mean time, you can also use healing skill soon as it is available.
Besides, do not use your special skills late in the second stage

Every time, you have completed a stage in the game, your heroes will get experience point to level up
Also, you can boost them up by spending your XP potions on them.
At this point, you can keep 5-6 of them to unlock new heroes
So, just use any extra xp points to give your heroes a boost and make them stronger.

For further, every time you battle with enemies, you will get various equipment items to be equipped for your heroes
Be sure to promote your heroes to gain an extra boost in stats and equip them with new items then get them promoted again.
Furthermore, you can focus on promoting your heroes, starting with your top ones.

Meanwhile, you will also be assigned to evolve your heroes that will lead you to get great bonuses
To evolve them, you will need soulstones, in which you can find them in Silver or Gold chests or you have to complete specific missions on Elite level to get the soulstones.

Each time, you play this game daily, you will be rewarded with a free Silver Chest and a Gold Chest
Plus, there will be a bunch of freebies scattered around in the game, that you can get for free by progressing in the game.
Moreover, you will also get some freebies by completing the daily quests or missions

Then, by completing specific missions, you will certainly get a lot.
Just tap any item that you want to collect and see where you can find to grab it
You can also replay the mission using raids in which if you have them or the Auto raid unlocked option, you will get a chance to get three stars in a mission.

And, if you can complete specific missions in the game, you will get a chance to get diamonds which are the premium currency of this game

In order to get those diamonds or gems in the game, be sure to play against other players in the Pit or the versus mode
Playing in this mode will give you a chance to get even more and greater rewards.

When dealing with such players online, you can select the easiest opponents based on their power stat
Thus, be sure to stay as much as possible up at the top chart to grab some great rewards including diamonds or gems.


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