Diamonds Cheats for Lucky Find in Winterstate iPhone

PlayRaven has recently launched Winterstate on the apple store as a real-time strategy game where you will be a commander to command a convoy of fighting vehicles called as the Runners, then go to battle with the opponents to build a powerful force

winterstate walkthrough ios android

In this game, every squad member will drive a vehicle for different types of combat
Along the game, you need to destroy the headquarters, when the enemies will move towards your position in different routes.

At this point, they will sometimes take the long route to get your base
For such reasons, you can take this advantage to take out heir base first

During the battle with them, make sure your vehicles are in their position correctly.
You can place the Frostrailer, a light armored assault vehicle first.
Then go with the Loadbeast, a heavily armored, slow tank unit.
Later on, you will unlock the Cloudpuncher, a long range artillery mortar.

To start the battle, you can go with the frostrailer trailing behind.
Place cloudpuncher behind those two, as it excels at long range attacks.
Never let anything get closer to it

Once winning the battle, you will get diamonds as reward that you can use to unlock other vehicles with different types.

Recon vehicles can be said as lightweight and speedy cars which is good at flanking and scouting.
Armored vehicles are slow powerhouses which is good at the frontline, since it can absorb much fire in the battlefield

Artillery vehicles is mid-range and well-balanced fighters which can launch missiles to enemies from above
Place them at right beside your armored vehicles as they attack.

Support vehicles are the ones coming along with special utility abilities.
you can use the Utilimax to deploy combat drones which can attack your enemies fast
And, use the Educator to repair your other vehicles.
Always balance your team around by placing different vehicles

On the other side, if you see slow moving vehicles coming for you, just send a recon vehicles around an obstacle so that you can flank them as they can take critical hits from rear attacks during at that moment
In the mean time, watch out for their flanks as well.

After getting your victory, you can get more supply bases and more resources, so that you can do more trades for valuable items


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