Diamonds Cheats for Good Cards Pack in Super Soccer Club iPhone

Chillingo has just launched Super Soccer Club on the apple store
This new game has given a really solid football game where it combines between mixes team management and time management to deliver a unique experience to all players.

super soccer club extended version walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will have to try winning all the leagues that you take part in and you must also try to get a super team.

As usual, this game takes gems and coins as the main currencies
Here, coins will be difficult to come by in the game, you can start with a bunch of shops to maximize profits.

Later on, just keep the shops producing at all times and even though expensive, then upgrade them often to increase the revenue generated hourly.

To win each match, be sure to keep training your best players for three Training Grounds
Afterward, you can go for your best players only as the poorer ones will obviously be replaced sooner by the better ones.

When going to the match, you can set formation as you like
You can try to do a formation like 4-3-3 in that it is not actually more offensive than a 5-4-1
In line with this, you can choose the formation based on the players that you have
And, if you have a lot of high rating attackers, you can go for a more offensive tactic.

Anyway, your strategy will take a big role to beat your rival in a match
When going for the league games, you can try to go with the Offensive strategy early on
Applying this strategy will work best against the default strategy

On the other side, if you want to easily win player duels, you can always use the player with the best skills
Sometimes, you will see the opponent player that you are facing
And, you can choose a poorer player than your top one that will come out victorious.
Player stamina is really slow to recover so try to reduce it as evenly as possible throughout your players.

Later on, try not to use boosts for the team or shops while you are still in the Junior league as you will get the least profit from there.
After promoting and getting better and more active teams, you can start using them

If you have enough money or gems in this game, you can try to get a good card pack
As starter, you can begin with two silver players and some bronze ones that will instantly make it extremely easy to win leagues

And, every time you win the match you will also get more diamonds and also cards pack
Also, you can build and upgrade the shops at a decent pace to get a headstart in the game.

To get more diamonds and win the match, you should try to be as active as possible and log in when your games are about to start
Make sure not to use the timer in the first league sot that you can improve your chances to win the leagues
Thus if you can win more leagues, you will be rewarded with more diamonds for free


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