Diamonds Cheats Dog Evolution iPhone

Dog Evolution Tap Coins of the Crazy Mutant Poop Clicker Game is the next clicker game made by Cartoon Mobile which seems to be dedicated to the iOS device recently

dog evolution walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will run a farm full of dogs, and raise them up from being normal, then make them big to be creative mutants
At the same time, you will also have to collect money coins, diamonds and get some upgrades.

Later on the game, in order to get more money even after being offline, you must purchase the tractor upgrade
With that upgrade, your earnings will be equal to your coins per second which is resulted from the tractor runs for time period.

Moreover, yo may consider to get more coins while your phone will stay on the same screen for as long as you leave it sitting
At this point, just leave the game running on the screen with the highest available dogs.

Then, every time they poop, you will get coins, your dog will be higher evolution, which will earn you more coins
As a result, you can double your income with this way for later time

As usual, this game will feature diamonds as the premium currency
In order to earn more diamonds, you may have to purchase them from iap store.
Alternatively, you can go to the IAP store and tap the free diamond option to earn them for free.
There, you are asked to watch an advertisement video to get one diamond as a bonus per video.

Besides, you can also rate the game for a free diamond update
At that time, a card will come up which will get you to tap it.

Sometimes, you may get a card with a bonus, which will get you to watch an ad video to double the bonus fast.

Anyway, if you have a card with a debuff or a negative effect, watching a video will cause the debuff to disappear.

For further, make sure to purchase the bone upgrade and bones to earn you a special bonus.
Red bones will cause animals to poop at super speed, which will give you a bunch of coins for free.
And, white bones will grant you a big bonus when merging dogs together
Then, blue ones will provide you bonus diamonds once you upgrade them in the game.
So, always consider to do some upgrades to get a chance to collect diamonds for free


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