Diamonds Cheat in Miss Dota iPhone

Ming Li has presented a freshly CAG and RPG in Miss Dota where this game seems to adapt some characters from a very popular game online

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Moreover, all of these characters as presented in cute and in female characters, each with her own unique skills and these characters are the combination of Angel and Devil, then it is the time to evolve them to stronger forms after leveling up so that you can be the master of those goddesses.

There are few things that you have to make sense in playing these characters
According to stats, types of fairies can be divided into 3 types namely ST fairies, Agility fairies and Intellect fairies

ST fairies‘ main stat is Strength with high HP.
Agility fairies‘ main stat is Agility with high Haste.
Intellect fairies‘ main stat is Intellect with high resistance and Magic Power.

Besides stats, every fairy can master 3 common spells and 1 ultimate-spell.
Those fairies will be able to unlock the spells one after another as they gain certain levels.
Once they level up, the level cap of common spells is 30 and ultimate spells can reach level 20 at most.

To level them up, the fairy needs to devour other fairies, or you can loot certain items in the Event Dungeon, that is Academy of Mage.
Later on, you will have to evolve your fairies to raise level cap when they hit their current level cap.
You can do this except for the Orange fairies.

In related to the location of fairies, you will notice 3 rows, such as the front, mid and rear rows. Here, the Strength fairies must be in the front row, then the Agility fairies and Intellect fairies are behind in turn.
If you can position them well, you can make your team stronger.

On the other side, your quality of fairy is distinguished by color from the lowest to the highest which are White, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.
At this point, the orange fairies are the best but it is the hardest one to summon them.

Furthermore, you may need to your fairies in battle.
Every time, you win the battle with bosses, they will drop Fairy Spirits, that you can then use to summon a fairy.
Plus, you will get Universal Spirits as the upgraded version of Fairy Spirit.
You can use these Universal Spirits to summon the fairies that you have ever owned.

Moreover, you must upgrade your fairies`s spell in which you must consume some materials first.
The level cap of a fairy’s spell is based on the fairy’s quality.

You can upgrade spells with that materials which include the following circumstances
Square Slate of Strength is for the Strength fairies.
Square Slate of Agility is for the Agility fairies.
Square Slate of Intellect is for the Intellect fairies.

In addition, this game will also feature the premium currency in form of diamonds or gems
According to this, you can get a lot of rewards by playing in game dungeon and completing quests

When playing in game dungeon, you will have a limited number of times for challenging the fifth stage of each Common Dungeon.
Each stage of the Elite Dungeons can be challenged for a limited number of times but they will give better rewards than the Common Dungeons.

Throughout the game, you do not need to accept any quest.
But, once you meet the certain conditions, you can complete the quest then you can claim your rewards in the quest log that is sometimes in form of diamonds.
At this point, you can complete those quests daily
On the other words, you will simply log in this game every day in order to get more diamonds as rewards


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