Diamonds Cheat in Flyff All Stars iPhone

Galalab has come to mobile with a brand new action RPG, named Flyff All Stars and this game adapts the elements of the MMO style of mobile elements, such as the gacha and the card collection elements.

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On the other words, this game is a kind of a casual 3D action RPG where you will be allowed to gather up over 200 unique heroes
Once collecting them all, you can enhance their powers, unlock more powerful heroes, fight in dungeons and regional arenas, then you can take part in other exciting game modes.

Furthermore, you will be assigned to quest through many single player and multiplayer stages while collecting gold, gems, crystals or diamonds and some free items that you can collect along the game.

Anyway, before going to tough battles, make sure to upgrade your heroes to pass through the tough stages.
In order to do this, you must level them up first.
To level up your heroes, you can replay the old stages, that you have beaten
Playing in such stage will get you to earn experience points until you level your party up sufficiently to strengthen them up for the difficult stages.

On the other side, grinding in old stages will be a good way to earn easy gold and new characters, that you can use to upgrade your heroes cards.

You can try to upgrade the rarest cards in your party then you can sacrifice the most common cards with the lowest star ratings when doing such upgrade.
With such upgrades, your cards will increase the base stats, so that their overall stats will increase more with every experience level.
Moreover, if you have more stars in your active party cards, you can upgrade them up to once per star in the tier.

Meanwhile, you should also upgrade them by merging your fighters or forging weapons for them.
However, every time you do a forging weapons, you will need diamonds or gems
At the same time, you will be able to earn random weapons, armor and shield with your diamonds
With your gems, you can upgrade your weapons to be the most powerful and highly leveled ones.
Always remember to lock in the equipment that you want to keep, and keep the other stuff unlocked in which it will go away when you reforge it.

When you want to merge your heroes cards, you can merge them to two cards of the same star tier in maximum experience level.
At this point, you can get one card of a higher star tier in exchange for sacrificing the two of them.
Every card you get will be random aside from the star tier.

In addition, having rare heroes will be the main key to battle with your opponents
For such reasons, you can count on the gacha to get rare characters or heroes.
Be sure to always keep up your crystals that you can use to play the premium gacha, so that you will get a 3-star to a 7-star card.
Here, the four star cards are the most common cards
If you want to win the battle, be sure to put the rarest cards into your party.
To power up your cards, just go back to old stages in order to level up new cards and get exp points.


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