Diamonds Cheat in Cupcake Mania Christmas iPhone

After launching the previous game that is candy blast mania christmas, TeamLava is coming again with Cupcake Mania Christmas designed for ios and android platforms

cupcake mania christmas walkthrough ios android

Cupcake Mania Christmas in another match-3 puzzler game, where you will be assigned to match and collect tasty Pastries from Bruno the Bear that is always trying to sneak a taste of your yummy Cupcakes and to wreck havoc on the Christmas cookies
And, it is your duty to beat him from ruining Christmas and stealing Santa’s sweets in Cupcake Mania Christmas

Just make a match to get the bonus multiplier to the surrounding cupcakes
Here, cupcakes only stay charged for the turn after they have been boosted though, so you must match them as soon as possible to get bonus

Then, you can also get a sugar rush tile that you can do by matching four cupcakes at the same time.
When matching cupcakes on top of the sugar rush tile, you will need cupcakes to pass the level which are charged across the whole board.
As an illustration, if you need green cupcake to beat the level, all green cupcakes will be given a +1 charge that will be your way to get those last cupcakes

For further, matching cupcakes in a “L”, “+”, or “T” shaped fashion will provide you Sprinkle Shocks in form of the tiles with four arrows pointing out
And, when they are activated they will shoot out a beam horizontally and vertically, that can match all cupcakes in the way and clear out junk cupcakes you do not need on the board.

Moreover, if you can match five cupcakes at the same time, you will get the ultimate CupQuake, which is in form of a rainbow tile.
Besides, matching a cupcake on top of the cupquake will make all cupcakes of that color on the board come up and match.
Having these cupquakes will help you pass the level with ease.

In addition, completing every challenge in this game will earn you rewards such as power ups and gems which are the premium currency of this game

In line with this, some levels will have challenges at the bottom of the screen before you start them.
If you can complete them well, you will be able to earn a key
Then, if you collect 5 keys, you will be allowed to open a chest full of power ups.

Anyway, these challenges are sometimes becoming external, where you will get to download a separate game or you can simply do the in-game challenges, such as the ones that prompt you to get a certain amount of stars in each level.

In related to gems in this game, you can get them more in iap store
However, you will often get few of them by completing challenges in each level


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