Diamond Coins Cheat in My Talking Angela iPhone

Outfit 7 introduces white cat and other animals that can talk back to you in that you can find it in Talking Angela game

talking angela walkthrough tips iphone android

Along the game, you will play as Angela, a white cat, then you have to raise her all the way from kittenhood to adulthood, as well as taking care of her basic needs and her appetite for fashion.

Playing with Angela will make her tired so you have to put her to sleep
Here, sleeping takes few times to refill the tiredness gauge.
But, you can make it go fast, by doing the time lapse trick
Firstly, set the time on your phone ahead by around an hour or so based on what level she’s at.
For such reasons, the other needs gauges will drop slightly over this amount of time, so keep your eyes open on this circumstance.

After doing that, the tiredness gauge will be refilled fast
Now, it is the time set the time right back to normal in which it will keep all of the sleep in your gauge, and keep gaining just as it normally does.
Furthermore, you can use trick as many times as you want without having to worry about some insanely weird time on your phone.
Also, you will get unlimited speed boosts on anything.

On the other side, this game will feature gold coins that you can get via iap store or you can play the mini games as often as possible to earn them.
Plus, by playing mini games for further, you will also gain high score, in which you will gather more coins as well.

Except gold coins, you will also be assigned to collect gems
In the way of gathering these gems for free, just go to the gaming patio by taping the lower left button, the smiley face icon then go to the center circle with the diamond in it
In the mean time, make sure to tap it to watch a free advertisement video for a diamond.

Meanwhile, you can gain experience points in the furniture as it increases the speed at which you gain them.
Because of this, every time you are trying to level up, you can try to purchase all the furniture that you can
Then, do any activity toward your main character that will earn you experience points by feeding her, putting her to sleep, etc.

In addition, to fulfill Angela’s appetite of fashion, just go to one of the stores and purchase a clothing accessory or another type of accessory that will increase her happiness.

And, make sure to use the coins wisely to keep her happy by buying the cheapest piece of clothing or accessory for her If you want to get more gold coins, just play the mini games more often in which you will have a huge store of coins built up there.



  1. My problem is the game does not give me diamonds sometimes for as long as a half an hour

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