D Nin Zeni Coins Cheats Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja iPhone

Shall we date?: Destiny Ninja from NTT Solmare is now being a popular novel type dating simulation game that you can play both on the ios and android devices

shall we date destiny ninja walkthrough ios android

The story of this game is set in an era of Genpei in Japan in which you will be brought to take part in battles with the survival of the ninjas, while searching for true romance, then you can go a good step for both love and adventure in this game

As a love simulation game, you will have to raise Love Meter by purchasing and using Love Meter boost items indicated by Love Charm.

To do all of your activities in this game, you will need Skill Bout, a mini-game to raise your Ninja Skill.

In line with this, if you can win five times in a row, you will get special bonuses to raise your Ninja Skill, and you will also get more Zeni as Fortune Point.
To play Skill Bout, you will really need power

Later on, you can try your first adventure in Love Choice and Ayakashi Battle and you can read a romantic ending with him
To get into this, you must have enough required Ninja Skill points

As usual, this game will need currencies in form of zeni and coins
Zeni can be said as a virtual money, which you can use to purchase items.
So, try to get more Zeni and use it to help you progress through the story.

In order to get this Zeni, you can greet and send messages to your friends.
And, every they greet you back, you will also be rewarded with zeni
Also, if you play this game regularly, you will get zeni everytime you login the game daily
You can also get zeni by playing skill bout

On the other side, you will have to get Fortune Point x 200 to 1000 to play Fortune Slip.
After playing this game for a while, you will unlock each Fortune Slip and you can attend it.

Besides, you can also get your hands on some valuable items, and even limited edition Avatars.
In line with this, all you will do is to play further to get more items that will help you go through each story in this game.

Every time, you play in Fortune Slip, you will get one item by tapping Fortune Slip button.
After tapping it, your items will be added to Present Box that you can check it there.

On the other side, you will also get mission to complete to get new items
In accordance with this, you will get useful items that will help you go to the story in the game.

As said earlier, you will get bonus by playing this game daily
You will get login bonus that you will get once a day for accessing My Page.
There, you will get a reward listed on a sheet when logging in My Page.

Once getting a reward, you will get a sticker put on the reward on the sheet in that one sheet will give you 30 kinds of rewards.
Then, if a sheet is filled with 30 stickers, it will switch to a new sheet as a reward.

To get Zeni x 10 once a day, you will merely greet your Friends or send Messages to them from Social
So, if you greet or send Messages to more friends, you will also get more Zeni as reward

Except zeni, coin is the premium currency of this game which can be used for anything you need in this game
Anyway, you must purchase this coins from the iaps

Or, if you are lucky, you may get coin everytime you can complete certain mission and goals given in this game



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