Cyber Coins to Build Bots in Transformers Earth Wars iPhone

Backflip Stuios will take you to play with robot in Transformers: Earth Wars, a base management and defense game for the ios and android platforms

transformers earth wars walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will help Transformers or robots in disguise reach their goals.
Here, you can also take part in joining the Autobots and defend Earth
Or, you can join the Decepticons to claim Earth for your team

Every transformer in this game comes along with a class such as Ironhide and Jetfire.
Ironhide can be said as a warrior class of transformer where they have high health, but they move slow and they do not have big damage.

Meanwhile, Jetfire can be categorized into an air class transformer that can deal with a lot of damage from medium range
However, such bots cannot take a lot of hits from enemies.

So, as your strategy, you can put warriors in first line since they have high health and they can be your tank

In the beginning of the game, you need to use alloy and energon caps quickly since the missions will usually offer around 1,000 each for rewards.
At the same time, upgrade your alloy and energon storage buildings so that you can have a lot of resources of them

Before sending your bots into an enemy base, always consider to examine the layout of the base
It is caused by some campaign bases will have obvious paths to explore
In the level of Exposed Flank the enemy base is separated into two parts.

First part is guarded with a lot of cannons
And, the other one will only be equipped with two cannons.

To effectively beat the enemies base, you can count on a Gunner class transformer, which can be your artillery to fire over walls.

After completing the chapter one, you will get the first Special class transformer and Optimus Prime, the leader of the autobot forces.

This kind of bot can be said as a special class or a heavily armored warrior class.
He has Inspiring Charge ability, which can be like Ironhide’s charge
Because of this, all bots on the team will follow Optimus after his target.

Note that every special class robot has unique functions in battle, whereby you can make experiment which one is the best for your team

Every time, you play this game in daily basis, always check the achievements at the top of the screen You will need to complete your current achievement to get a reward in form of Cyber Coins, the premium currency of this game.
Thus, make sure to complete them to get more cyber coins to build bots.


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