Cups of Coins Cheats in Football Heroes Pro Edition iPhone

If you read the review related to his game, you will play as if you are a coach who will take a full control of all the action of your squad and you will struggle to the end zone using skill, strategy, and special moves.

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Later on, you will perform the special moves then power up your players as well as giving them a different look

To control your players on the field is pretty simple, where you can control all actions such as running, passing, spinning and tackling with the touch of your fingertips.

When you have prepared your players well, you can participate in various game modes such as Cup Mode, Quick Match, Sudden Death, and Coin Battle Mode.

A the beginning of the game, you firstly learn to hike by tapping anywhere on the screen.
Just drag your finger to the right and hold your players to make them run.
Meanwhile, drag your finger left and hold to get your players run on the left.
Also, try to tap anywhere on the screen to push your player forward.
You can tap on any of your flashing players to pass the ball to one player to another

Along the game, just keep your finger or thumb positioned anywhere you want on the screen.
Here, OBS will move slower behind the line of scrimmage so that try to drag to move your quarterback back in the pocket.

When having in a match, defenders may try to tackle you in the field.
To deal with this, you can use the spin move to counter a tackle
Plus, you can swipe in any direction to spin and counter his tackle.
When seeing your rivals running with the ball, you can swipe in his direction to tackle.

Furthermore, you can use perks which are incredibly powerful moves that you can do by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the screen.
When using a perk it takes a certain number of downs to recharge in which you can see this by the number on top of the per button.

Coins here are the main currency that you can gather by winning in every match
If you want to get coins for free, you can use any hex editor apps available for android, iPad, iPhone then change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.
Try this following code to get coins freely

Coins HEX 21 6d d9 fa Dword

However, if you find nothing change after applying that code, it may be your android or iOS version is not compatible with above code.

For such reasons, you have to do it manually by searching for function in your hex editor app
Then, enter your current Coins value in Football Heroes: Pro Edition and search for it and make sure to choose DWORD.
Afterward, if a small list of results, example 10 appear, you can then edit the value one by one until you can find the real hex

Moreover, you have to change the value of current Coins value in Football Heroes: Pro Edition by either consuming them or adding them if seeing large list of results.
In addition, just get back to the list and look for your new current Coins value in Football Heroes: Pro Edition to the large list then edit the value as you want.


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