Crystals Stars Cheat in Food Battle The Game iPhone

Food Battle: The Game is new arrival on ios developed by Defy Media that will bring you in more difficult than battle donuts which are pretty obvious targets.

food battle the game strategy guides ios android

Along the game, you will be assigned to improve your strategy to get all the three star ratings across all levels

Here, all you will do is simply to explore all areas and destroy grass and chests to collect all treasure, find hidden stars and goodies.
Also, make sure to eliminate hidden triggers too, which will make your life a lot easier.
In line with this, just clear the area out before you go to the next levels.

Throughout the game, you should stay alive which is not being damaged by the attacks of the donuts.
To deal with this, you can try to use your ranged attacks more often in which you can usually complete all levels with ranged attacks only.
At this point, just attack as many times as possible, then run around while your attack bar regenerates, then keep doing this as the safest way around.

In order to defeat your enemies, you can try using donuts as some of them cause collateral damage, such as the Pink one
Moreover, you can count on its magic on its donut friends.
Always get close and when it prepares for an attack, just swipe away as this will cause splash damage to everything around, usually destroying the smaller donuts on the screen.

Besides, always remember to swipe and roll instead of just running, so that you can move around quickly when dealing with enemies especially for bosses ones.
When you deal with the first boss in the game, he can actually be easily avoided if you roll when he jumps into the air
And, you can do the same with all the other donuts.
Thus, just practice this technique and make it your main way of moving around.

In the way of getting threes stars, you can try to replay levels that you have already beaten
According to this line, some stages cannot be defeated on three stars from start as you will not have the required weapons to open some of the areas
For such reasons, you can try to replay each stage whereby you are able to get more ingredients and coins as well.

Once getting through some levels, you will be rewarded with crystals or diamonds
If you have got a bunch of free diamonds when starting the game, you can collect a few more playing the levels.

After getting enough of the, make sure to spend them wisely, because they are the premium currency of this game.
On the other side, you will be able to get extra clothes that can increase your health or you can get extra ingredients as well


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