Crystals Gems to Unlock Asgard and Pandora in Billionaire. iPhone

Alegrium has launched Billionaire. which has been a popular business management clicker game that you can play on the iOS and Android platforms

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Here, you will then play on secret or semi-secret locations such as Asgard and Pandora that you can buy and unlock first in the game

For the first time, you can unlock Pandora by purchasing every single negative-threat buildings such as Noah’s Ark, Community Center, Botanical Garden, Charity Center, Search and Rescue, Wildlife Foundation, Public Library, Museum of Science, Recycling Megaplex, Blue Energy Tower, and Eden.

Among those buildings, getting Eden will be extremely expensive, as you will need 1,500 crystals to get that building

For such reasons, you must get a bunch of crystals, the premium currency of this game to unlock such building

In the way of collecting crystals or gems in this game, all you will do is to watch promotional videos
You can do this regularly by logging in and playing this game daily

Except Eden, unlocking Asgard will also be the toughest one.
In order to get Asgard, you must get all four of the highest-tier buildings, then upgrade all of them to level 10 first.

Those buildings are the Underwater City, El Dorado, Avalon, and Mountain of the Eye.
Later on, you must upgrade them to level 10 which will allow you to unlock Asgard that will generate more money come to your pocket

Besides, getting the Imperial Star, Dinobot Museum, or Area 48 will earn you a lot more money as well
But, you must unlock negative threat buildings first to make money from that building
In line with this, just sell off anything that sends your threat level sky high.

After unlocking Pandora and Asgard, you can be available to purchase.
For further, you have to get more gems to unlock another secret buildings in the game



  1. Something has chnged… I have the top 4 buildings all lvl11-20 and I still cannot get Asgard. Also in order to upgrade Pandora just to lvl2 costs 75QD :-\ Anyone know the new requirements for Asgard?

  2. To get asgard you need-magic school, impeerial star, underwater city, mountain of the eye& avalon all at level 10.

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