Crystals Coins Cheats in Taichi Panda iPhone

Snail Games has recently introduced a new action RPG for the iOS and Android platforms that is wrapped in Taichi Panda, in which you will take a role as either Taichi Panda or one of three other characters to fight against enemies and bosses in a quest to rescue the land of Avzar from the Dark Prince.

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At the beginning of the game, you will have to complete some quests until level six, then you can place it on autoplay during battles
It means that your character will auto-run and auto-attack
Anyway, you can still override it, and you can control of all of your skills.

You must try to use them as often as possible toward enemies as this autoplay will allow you to aim some of your skills better.

Once getting progress through some levels, you will do some upgrades in that do not just do the standard upgrades.
Also, you will get some refinement crystals as a reward
With these crystals, you can refine each piece of equipment to increase for a major stat that will come to rarer one.

On the other side, surge is another type of equipment upgrade, that you can get with the surge seals.
You can get them as well as refinement crystals inside the quest bonus
And, you will see a bunch of them in this game where all you will do is to search for any icon in the main menu area with a floating number next to it.

Later on, when getting out in the field, just stop and thrash some jars, wooden chests and other objects that may hold items.

Also, you will be allowed to switch characters any time as you like.
When going to switch to the other characters, just log out the game, then open again
In the main screen, you will see an option to change your character there.
There, just tap yes on that option that will get you to choose any of the three characters.

Sometimes, you will fight against a really tough boss in that you have to focus on evading their attack while your pet attacks them.
At this time, your pet can take unlimited damage, that will give you an opportunity to avoid damage while your pet delivers damage to that boss.

In addition, this game will take diamonds or crystals as the premium currency
Besides, you will also have to earn some gold coins that you can do by battling with some foes in each quests

In order to get more crystals or diamonds in this game, you must complete all quests in which you will be rewarded with bonuses inside wooden box that will sometimes contain crystals or any other valuable items for your collections


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