Crystals Cheats Wonder Tactics iPhone

Wonder Tactics developed by Com2us can be categorized into a brand new RPG with a more traditional style of battle which you can play both on the ios and android devices

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Also, this game introduces elements of tactical RPG game play to create a brand new and unique battle system.

Here, you are able to load up on characters, evolve and improve them, and equip them with new weapons and spells.

To play this game, you must firstly learn the relationship between the different elements
Fire beats plants
Plants beats water
Light and dark beat each other.

When battling with enemies, the targeted positions of the various attacks and enemy locations may sometimes make you unable to attack at an elemental advantage
Thus, try to do the best to target multiple enemies, do damage, and beat them as fast as you can

During in the battle, just try to place the melee heroes in the front of the formation.
These melee heroes may sometimes come along with strong defense that the others

Placing them in front as a tank will allow them to do the most damage while absorbing hits from enemies.
In the mean time, you can place your spell casters and your healers at the back of the formation

On the other side, there are multiple rarity tiers of heroes
And, some of them can use either the fixed evolution or the random evolution.

The random evolution will allow you to evolve a hero who is at their max level to powered up five times into a random hero of a higher rarity.
And, the fixed evolution will be the same except the hero to a predetermined new form.

Meanwhile, you will also have to level up your heroes in the battle.
To level them up fast, just go to the older stages and replay it to gain more experience points, which will be useful to level them up quickly.
Once they have leveled them up, they will get stronger than before

Besides, if you have some leveled up heroes, they can unlock all sorts of new areas from the central map.
So, just try to complete quests and get the rewards such as a large amount of experience points to level up your heroes into the strongest ones

In addition, this game will also feature crystals or gems as the premium currency
Similar to gaining experience points, you will also have to complete the quest to get those crystals for free

With crystals you have collected from there, make sure to save them up to purchase any valuable items for your heroes


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