Crystals Cheats Survivors The Quest iPhone

G5 Entertainment has a new game named Survivors The Quest that will tell you a story about three air passengers who are stranded on a abandoned island after their plane crash on their journey.

survivors the quest walkthrough ios android

That island is full of some strange buildings, where you will also find an old laptop and other items indicating that the island was ever used to do an experiment of scientific research.

So, it is the time to help those survivors get along, find food, reveal a mystery and get out of the place in one piece

In this game, you can freely play as each of the three characters, then take care of their comfort, hunger, stamina, fun, and friendship levels

Also, you will also have to explore the island and fulfill quests by finding and using objects to solve puzzles
In the way of your exploration, you will have to gather up items for food and cook it to survive
There, you will explore beaches, lagoons, jungles and mountains on a beautiful tropical island

When finding your way through the jungle, you must complete collections to get amazing bonuses that will help your characters keep their energy levels high.

As said earlier, you will need to manage stamina, hunger, fun, comfort and friendships levels when exploring the jungle

Along the game, you will rely on the stamina that you will use to survive during in your journey
Every time, you do something, your stamina will drain faster than any other action.
If you want to restore your stamina fully, just get them to sleep

Sometimes, you will also find your stamina drain slowly when you are hungry for food
Therefore, you have to eat something to last up to 50% longer before you need to sleep.
By consuming a lot of food, you will get your energy leveled up and solving hunger level

Besides, you will need to take showers and wash for more comfort
If you can do it regularly, you will get high level of comfort that will really useful to restore your stamina faster.
Moreover, if you are in high comfort level, your character can rest up to 50% faster.

Later on, you will need to feeling blue when doing your activity during in the jungle
It is called fun level, where it will affect how long it will take for your character to accomplish his current objective.

You can also play this game online by inviting your friends to join you on the mysterious tropical island so that you can help each other to discover the mystery of the jungle and keep your characters alive along the game

Seemingly, this game features crystals as the main currency to purchase any items needed in the game
One way to get these crystals for free is to complete every given task successfully
Anyway, you can make a purchase through iaps to get these crystals instantly


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