Crystals Cheats in Pinball Sniper iPhone

Ketchapp again has launched it newest game, Pinball Sniper which is specifically designed for the new iOS and Android platforms

pinball sniper walkthrough ios android

This game can be categorized into a new endless pinball game which is different from plenty of others game in similar
Anyway, it is pretty simple, minimalistic, where you RE presented with a simple pinball table set-up and given a range of time-sensitive targets to hit, demanding precise use of your virtual flippers.

On the other words, you will be provided with only one ball per round, then trying to chase the highest score with those delicate flipper physics and a developing table in which bumpers will start getting added as your score increases.

Along the game, you must focus on to where on the flipper you hit the ball as the physics are a little bit weird compared to your usual pinball games.
Each time you perform your action, the ball drops a whole lot faster than it does in your usual pinball game
At this point, you will simply hit it quickly to make sure that it does not fall in between the flippers.

In the mean time, you must also make sure that the ball does not go down between the center of the flippers.

In this game, all you will have to do id to keep the ball on one side or the other.
Sometimes, you will want to safely switch sides, whereby you must try to catch a falling ball inside of an upturned flipper so that it will bound over to the other one.

As usual, this game will feature crystals as the premium currency that you will get through the game or you can get them in iap store

You are able to earn some free crystals by hitting them in each round.
To get these crystals for free, all you will do is simply to go to the IAP store and watch a free advertisement videos there.
Later on, if you really need crystals, just keep doing this actions more often

Then, with all crystals you have earned through the game, you can use them to purchase new monsters which are cute little creatures that will sit on top of the pinball board
Anyway, they will not really have all that much practical use.
The reason they are there is to give a different look for your board when playing this game
In line with this, you can either purchase them, or simply sit on your crystals and let them pile up over time.

Always remember that if you hit each crystal within a good amount of time, you will wait too long that will make you end up losing the stage even if your ball does not fall off the side.

For such reasons, you must search for the circular bar surrounding the crystal that starts to form as you go.
Once getting it, you can use that as a gauge to go up going quickly that will make you complete each round at ease


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