Crystals Cheats in Heroes and Castles 2 iPhone

Foursaken Media along with their newest game, Heroes and Castles 2 will take you to a mission that is to defend your castle from invaders, and you have to raid your enemy’s castle first.

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In the beginning of the game, you will have an option to choose one of three races each with special skills and abilities
Once selecting one of them, you will go through the battlefield to level up, learn new skills and abilities across 9 classes, forge weapons, armor, and shields, and destroy the enemies along the way

Also, you will then be able to summon Dwarfs, Elves, Archers, Pikemen, Giants, Knights, Catapults, Mages and much more to help you in your defense.
To get the best defense, you must build Towers, upgrade your castle walls, and conquer new lands and build outposts to secure them.

Beside invading the others castles, you must also defend yours through 30 waves, while taking control of an enormous map by capturing new outposts on your home castle, which will all give you various benefits like increased item drop rates or unlocking new units to hire.

Having a new outpost will give you an advantage where you can start using priests or fighting through a few waves to save up for an upgrade.

On the other side, you can also use points generated by banner carriers and good old fashioned monster slaying to summon several different soldier types to help you in the battlefield.
Be sure to take archers there as they can shoot enemies form long range.

After going through the battle, you start to level them up then you can customize their skills to fit your preferred playstyle, with skill trees for Knight, Paladin, and Mage to play around with.

Here, this game will feature crystals or gems as the premium currency
In line with this, you can spend Gems to reset a hero’s skills in case you decide you want to try something different.
You can spend Crystals on a variety of things, but you will need to purchase a better weapon.

Meanwhile, you will need to both summon up different units, using your recharging currency of command points to bring forth a variety of offensive and defensive units with advantages against certain enemy types.
Generally, staying near your maximum unit count will be useful to win the battle with enemies.

Just use Command Points on new units so that you will be easily overrun without an army
Later on, when you level up, you will earn one Skill Point to spend on new skills.

Holding a unit’s icon will enable or disable Auto-Build, where you can continuously summon your units with accumulated Command Points.

Summoning Bannermen will increase the rate of Command Points that you can use to summon units
Quick-Build icons are shortcuts to build your most recently summoned units in this game.
Some actions such as running, attacking, and dashing will require Stamina.

Your castle will also need some resources that you can get by taking new lands from the enemy
Then, you can unlock new units, gain various bonuses and ultimately destroy the enemy’s castle.

Later on, completing the mission will take the land and establish an outpost, that will also earn you bonus rewards as long as you own it.

When going to the battlefield, you can try to use Heavy Attacks which are depending on your weapon
At this point, you can generally cut through multiple enemies, have a chance to stun, and can break through enemy shield blocks.

Be sure to put Shield Knights on the right position, as they specialize in destroying ranged units.
You can also use them to take down the approaching Skeleton Archers

Staying behind your castle walls will allow your Crystal to heal you.
But, you will heal much slower when enemies are behind your walls as well.
In accordance with this, some units like Priests can also restore health.

Furthermore, you will also need to craft equipment, and upgrade units in which you must talk to the Master Sergeant to get the detailed information about them.

If you can upgrade your units, they will increase their significant boosts.
Different units will improve in different ways, so be sure to learn the ins and outs of all your units before upgrading and you can also upgrade them more often

Also, you can build permanent defensive towers, and upgrade your Crystal and Walls to have a greater impact in the battle
Moreover, balancing your Crystals between Equipment, Unit upgrades, Towers, and Building upgrades will give you a great impact to get your victory in the battlefield

In addition, every time you can accomplish the battle, you will be rewarded with crystals of any other resources including some items
So, be sure to use your crystals wisely such getting new weapons and upgrading your castle


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