Crystals Cheats in Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes iPhone

If you have read the incoming news of this game, this game uses a Batman as the protagonist where he along with his car will travel across each stage.

doodle jump dc super heroes strategy guides ios android

Along the game, you will have to deal with some enemies such as Bane, The Joker and all the other enemies scattered on each stage

At the beginning of the game, all you will have to do is to learn to glide
Just tilt to move your hero either to left or right then tap the screen to shoot.
And, try to swipe up on the screen when jumping in which it will get you to land smoothly and it will give you more time to reach the platform
Also, it gives you a bust upwards, making it easier to reach high platforms.
Anyway, having the cape glide will also repel bombs or whatever projectiles the enemies throw at you
So, learn each trick in order to get far in the game.

In the way of controlling your hero, you can use two hands to play the game
But, you can learn to control the directions using only one hand, and use the other hand for shooting.
If you practice this trick, it is quite difficult at first
You will feel this when aiming and doing it all such as jumping, landing on a safe platform and shooting that needs a bit of practice.
Controlling your character with one hand only will be even easier to go through each stage

Besides controlling your hero with one hand, you have to learn to shoot properly
During your action, your weapon will work as a boomerang and it will follow you when you move
In line with this, you can try to shoot while landing, then move in the required direction in order to take out your enemy.
Later on, when it comes to smaller enemies, you can try to avoid them and keep on going upwards.

This game features crystals as the main currency that you can use to level up or have some upgrades
For further, you will have to do some upgrades either for your hero or your weapons and items
In accordance with these upgrades, you will certainly need a few crystals in order to get all those goodies in the game.

Batcopter upgrade will give you the biggest advantage, and carrying you upwards
Jetpack upgrade is similar to the Batcopter
Have Shield upgrade too
Purchasing Trampoline will be great at jumping

If you have enough crystals, do not spend them to level up your hero as you will level up easily during the game but keep your crystals for upgrades only

In addition, pay attention when using the controls to land anywhere on the screen and shooting any incoming enemies with your weapons.



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