Crystals Cheats in Astro Boy Flight iPhone

Animoca Collective will introduce you to the strongest robot and greatest hero named Astro Boy which will rescue the world from a threat of rogue robots

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In this game, you will simply control Astro through hazards like robot waves and missile bombardments as well as staying alert of hulking Death Bots, who wield giant blades and destructive cannons and lasers.

Along the game, you will not play alone as you can play with Atlas Boy, The Blue Knight, Professor Ochanomizu, and even Dr. Tenma as your allies

Before going to the battle, make sure you upgrade your weapons by using all the coins that you get at the start of the game
If you do not do this, you will have a really difficult time to even take down the regular robots and you will not get too far if you cannot take them out

Later on, you can try and keep Astro Boy at the base of the screen, as you will have more space to maneuver this way
At the same time, you can also take out incoming robots and all enemies.
So just move and go upwards when needed, usually when you are fighting bosses.

During the battle with bosses, you must learn how each boss fights as there are multiple bosses in the game and each has a different strategy and different attacks.
Some of them are easier to beat than others, but you have to be prepared for whatever is being thrown at you.
At this point, you must learn how each boss attacks, learn their patterns and learn how to easily avoid their attacks to get far in this game

During in your missions, make sure to gather up some items from your enemies.
Just collect as much as possible, with a focus on the special items as they are always better than the regular coins which you will earn anyway whenever you play.

Remember not to get the Tag Team Power-up if you do not yet purchase a second character that needs to be unlocked in order for you to be able to use this power-up.

After having some tough missions, it is the time to upgrade your abilities
Anyways, they are extremely expensive and you can use the abilities after you collect them during the game.
In line with this, you can start using the Double Shot as it gives you more power, then continue with Power Blast, Rocket Burst, Double Score and Magnet as well.

For further, you will also meet a few types of Assist Bots that you can unlock and pretty useful to be taken to the battle with enemies.
You can try using the one that saves you from a rocket shot because sometimes during boss fights you will rush intro rockets to avoid the boss’ shots.

In addition, this game will also feature Challenges, that you can access the Challenge button and challenge other people, to compete in getting the highest score in this game.


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