Crystals Cheats Guardian Hunter Super Brawl RPG iPhone

NHN Entertainment will take you to explore the world of Bellia that is in Guardian Hunter Super Brawl RPG where you will find and guide charming guardians and let you become a guardian hunter in a lively action adventure

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This new action RPG, Guardian Hunter can be said as a dungeon crawler game where you will tame various creatures known as guardians and guide them to roam the lands.

Along the game, you will help these guardians by training them, leveling them up, and having them fight by your side.

To level up your guardians, you will have to fight against enemies in each area
When fighting against enemies, you can deal bonus damage if you can manage to attack an enemy’s back.

Also, you can achieve certain skills, such as the Roll skill that you can use to attack the enemy once and to lock your character in the direction of the enemy.
With this skill, you can roll right through the enemy, while setting up an easy back attack toward them

On the other side, this skill will temporarily let you move through enemies so taht you can dodge the enemies attack and get you out of a tight spot.
You can use this skill more often, since it has a really fast cooldown time

You will see that the enemies’ method of attack is to simply walk and swing their weapon at you.
When you use the Archer and Sorceress, just keep your enemies at a distance while attacking them for having some items form them

Later on, you will be able to get rare guardians from the tutorial.
In line with this, you can go through the first couple of levels to get a lot of low level guardians, such as the Mushrooms.
Anyway, you will run out of space really fast, so you must level up your starting rare guardian.
To get another guardian, you may spend gold coins for it

For you to know is that every guardian in the game will come along with an elemental type.
Here, using the correct type against them will do extra damage toward enemies
Fire beats grass
Grass beats water Water beats fire
And, light and dark will be good against each other.

Meanwhile, this game will feature gold coins and crystals as the main currencies that you can get for free along the game
Every time, you do quests and beat common enemies, you will get gold coins
So, just explore to find enemies to fight for farming more gold coins for free

In order to get more crystals in this game, you have to complete each stage and beat bosses that you will meet in each stage
Or, if you want to get crystals fast, you may purchase crystal bundles from iap

Beside gold coins and crystals, you will get enhance stones as the quest rewards
These enhance stones will be useful to upgrade pieces of equipment for your main hero
But, make sure upgrade a rare piece of equipment only.

Furthermore, as you make a progress form each stage to another, the enemy guardians will become tough to deal with.
For such reasons, you must level up their skills and stats by going to the training menu.
Level up their skills first as these can be used to wipe out enemies at once.


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