Crystals Cheat in Soccer Spirits iPhone

Com2us has brought a kind of sport game in football genre that you can play in Soccer Spirits which is a new oddball collectible card RPG for the iOS and Android platforms.

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Along the game, you can manage the best soccer team in the galaxy to beat the League of Evil in which Your battles will be considered as complete with one move at a time
In line with this, it depends how well you pick your next move to get your victory.

Later on, you can play in Story Mode, Challenge Mode, and the Colosseum of Despair as the top of the Galaxy League whereby you must strengthen your team and power-up your players to fight against the toughest teams in the Colosseum of Despair
For such reasons, recruiting managers, coaches and scouts with special abilities will highly be recommended to strengthen your team

Furthermore, you will be able to get the rarest cards in your deck, that you can do by checking the Draw area in the event for having a chance to draw rare cards.
In related to free draws, you can get event tickets and other goodies, and you can even earn some crystals for free.
At this point, you will be able to collect 30 crystals when you get one rare draw
Moreover, you will also collect 300 of them when you get ten at a time.

Along the game, you can train and evolve each card for enhancement purposes.
You can train your cards by simply using up weaker, more common cards, up to six at a time, so that you can power up those cards that you want in your party.
Alongside, evolving cards needs a specific blend of sacrifice cards, in which doing so require your main card to be at a specific experience level.

As making some progresses through some matches, you will earn all of the available stars in the matches then you can move onto new chapters in the PvE modes.
You can even get the toughest stars which are categorized into the “shoot skill” stars if you like to automate every battle.
At this phase, you can simply take the battle out of auto mode then select the shots by yourself.
In order to get a score when you shoot, you can use extra penetrates to wear down your opponents.

During in the match, you must learn how to use passing and blocking as opposed to attempting to steal and attempting to penetrate.
Passing here will send the ball off to another one of your team members, with vastly increased attack, in which it gives an advantage for your next player.
Blocking will decrease action points from your action bar, in which it will provide your opponents player less turns.

In addition, if you can use your shooting skill well, you will win the match with ease
But, if it is not you will automatically give the ball to the other team.
Therefore, you must avoid this that you can do by penetrating them
Because of this, at least one of the defenders that you shoot against will come to 0HP when you shoot.


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