Crystals Cheat in Clash of Mafias iPhone

Clash of Mafias has delivered a strategy games where you will control the street with power and money
So, in this game, you will attack the other turfs to get money and new weapons

clash of mafias cash walkthrough ios android

This game features gold and gems or crystals as the main currencies that you can collect by taking over the other turfs or competing some missions

In order to get Gold in this game, you will find it in Underground Banks.
Early on, you will be given few gold as initial step to build your own base.
Then, as your base expands, your buildings will generate more Gold then you will be able to unlock the Nightclub and Casino.
And, you can also get more Gold with Crystals or raiding other bases.

Except gold, you will have to collect some crystals that you will need to expand your territory
But, it seems you need to purchase those Crystals by tapping the Shopping Cart at the bottom-left corner of the main page so that you can then access the Mall.
At this phase, you can choose the amount of Crystals you want to purchase then you will be guided to the payment confirmation page.

Once getting your crystals, you will now be able to buy more workers and stamina
With all workers, you can construct or upgrade buildings.
If you have more workers there, you will get more buildings worked on at the same time.

You can also use your crystals on Shots in which as your base expands, more Shots Factories will unlock. Thus, if you want to get more Shots, you can buy them with Crystals or steal them by raiding other bases.

On the other side, you will really require Stamina to do some activities in this game
The lightning icon on the top-right corner is telling you how much Stamina you have.
If you want to start raiding other base, you will need five Stamina.
Later on, one Stamina is restored every 5 minutes, and it meets a maximum of 100 stamina.
if you want some more, just tap “+” next to the lightning icon to purchase Stamina with Crystals.

Furthermore, you will have to protect your buildings that you can do by purchasing Protection from the Mall which will guard your base from all attacks for a period of time.
In line with this, if your enemies attacks and defeats you, you will be given up to 10 hrs of Protection based on the percentage of your base that was destroyed by enemies.
Protection will be removed when the timer is up or if you attack another player.

Moreover, in order to protect your buildings, you can build defenses and lay out traps to guard your base
At this point, you can use the trap research that is a vital part of creating your defenses.
With this you can upgrade traps such as Manholes, Hydrants, and Doghouses and upgrade your Headquarters to Lv 8 and unlock the Research building.

In addition, you will indeed require Techs which are special skills that you can use to beat enemies turf in the gun battle.
In order to get Techs unlocked, you must upgrade your Headquarters to Lv 7 then you can launch a nuke, fire a signal flare to beat the Area Boss to unlock the Arsenal, or you can heal your allies on the go


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