Crystals Cash in Billionaire Alegrium iPhone

Alegrium has annonunced their newest game called billionaire, a psuedo city-building game with graphics and a mechanic that will teach to be the richest man by simply tapping the screen to build new business, grow it up, and expand your business empire to become a real billionaire among others.

billionaire money cash guides

Later on, your main objective in this game is to make money and make money, in which you also have premium currency in the form of crystals.

In order to get rich quickly, you need more money
For such reasons, you can do a trick that can earn you free money instantly
Here, all you have to do is to set the time ahead on your phone or tablet right away after you collect cash from all of your buildings.

Once doing this, just go to set it ahead by 10 minutes or so
You can do this for anything aside from long-term buildings such as the Laundry Center.

If you have done it in the right direction, now go to the game and gather all of the cash.
Afterwards, make sure too set the time ahead again, collect cash again

At this point, try to set it ahead again, collect again, etc.
You can do this trick as long as you want.
If you have more buildings, you will automatically have more income that you can make while you are doing this action.

Remember that when you do this trick, you should set the time back to normal before you are about to go to bed, or put the phone down for some other reason for a long period of time.

Sell some of your old buildings in order to make some cash.
And you will get back somewhere around 1/3 of the cash that you spent for them, then you will get mote more if you have upgraded them.

Furthermore, you will be assigned to build more buildings in order to get more money then collect from them as often as possible in order to prevent them from maxing out before you get the chance to collect.

When starting construction on a building, try to get it into use faster by tapping on the building in progress in many time until it is complete or spending crystals to finish in a quick time.

Then, you must upgrade any of your buildings so that you can increase their hourly income and the maximum amount of money that they can hold before they stop earning money for you.

In line with this, the building’s threat level will also increase, and you do not want your threat level to get too high.

In order to make money overnight, just search for the buildings with the highest maximum cash first as they will usually have a low threat level too that will come to bonus.
According to this, the baby center and the laundry center will contribute bonus a lot for you.

In addition, if you want to get free crystals, just log onto Facebook that will give you 20 free crystals for free.

Besides, certain achievements will also earn you free crystals, such as when you pass someone on the top net worth list.
Moreover, anytime you complete one of these achievements just share on Facebook or Twitter for even more bonus crystals.


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