Crystal ISO Cheats in Guardians of the Galaxy The Universal Weapon iPhone

Marvel Entertainment coming along with the newest game, Guardians of the Galaxy The Universal Weapon has presented your favorite characters such as like Groot, Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, and many more which are free to play

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Early on, you will start each mission by setting up your team in which you can pick the ranged hero in the middle of the screen, with Groot nearby so that he will be able to heal the other heroes quickly, while the tanks or melee units are put on the sides, which are ready to take out the incoming enemies.

Every hero in this game has the special skills that will cause quite a lot of damage and they recharge relatively fast
So, just wait until you use them and you can start with using the skill of each character to instantly beat the enemies then use them again as soon as they have recharged.

In related to the heroes in his game, different heroes in the team work particularly better with some of the other ones, such as Drax and Gamora, Groot and Rocket and so on.
At this point, make sure to check out the skills of the heroes and team them up so that you can use their power-ups that you can combine to deliver more devastating effects towards enemies.

For further, you must level up your heroes as high as possible coming to better stats
For such reasons, just try to mix and match when playing them so that all the heroes that you have unlocked are of a decent level.
Having heroes with better stats will help you in accomplishing a mission with ease

On the other side, you can gain extra XP points and level up your new team members by replaying older missions.
Here, you can grind on those missions as often as possible to remain competitive in the more difficult stages.

During the game, you will get something pretty chaotic and your heroes seem a bit too large for the tight spaces
In line with this, you should try to fight off that chaos by keeping a safe distance between characters, so that you can easily select the one that you want, and give him or her the best instructions.
Anyways, you will sometimes find it difficult to target a specific enemy because they are close by, whereby you must learn to deal with these situations as well.

Always remember not to let your characters die, as they will not gain any experience.
Otherwise, try to keep them all safe, and if their health are running low, you should move them away from the fight and get the healer to work its magic on them.

Along the game, you will earn ISO-8 crystal in which each has a different effect and you must be wise to it on a specific character.
Check out all the crystals, and get to know exactly what stats they improve so that you can use them with the characters that need it the most.
Meanwhile, having 4 ISO-8 crystals of the same type will give you an extra bonus


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