Crystal Coins for New Clothes in Soundtrack Attack Steven Universe Rhythm Runner iPhone

Soundtrack Attack Steven Universe Rhythm Runner is the new product of Turner Broadcasting System which brings a rhythm runner set to Steven Universe cartoon show and its songs as well

soundtrack attack walkthrough ios android

From your mobile, you will do common activities such as tapping, holding and swiping along to the music to deliver awesome attacks and outrun the Homeworld gems.

In order to make your own gems, you can use a Quartz, Ruby, or Pearl and get them customized with hair, outfits, accessories, and weapons

During the gameplay, just try to pay attention to the background music close in which this will really help you time your jumps and beats well.
Surely, using your headphones, you can easily follow the beat and jam out to the game’s awesome soundtrack

Always listening to the beats and watch your gem run through a beautiful island
In the mean time, stay alert of the sides of the screen to see the beats coming down, so you will not miss them when they pop up.

If you can complete your rhythm meter at the end of a level, you will be granted with stars
Once getting to maximum rhythm and three stars, you will still maintain a perfect meter until getting to the end of the level so that you will get the stars again

Sometimes, you may miss some beats, which will make your rhythm meter go down a little bit.
To deal with this, just try to stay with the music and keep it up until you complete it at the end of the level

On the other side, this game may feature the currency in form of crystal coins which you can collect during the levels
You can get them inside the yellow bubbles

With such crystal coins, you can then use them to get new clothes and accessories for your gem in the shop

To get crystal coins for more, you can watch a short advertisement video at the end of the level.
So, watching that video will gran you crystal coins which means having more clothes for you gem

Except crystal coins, you will also have to collect some power ups such as slow motion which can slows down time to a crawl and nail the beats down perfectly with ease.

besides, you can also use shield power up to prevent your rhythm meter from dropping if missing a beat when it is on.
Anyway, to get such power ups, you will again need crystal coins
Thus, watch an ad video to get more of them freely in the game


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