Crystal Cheats in Horde Conquer Android

Horde Conquer form Mega Slot is categorized into a turn-based strategy game.
In this game, you will have to rescue the land from the subordinates of dragon.

horde conquer beginner strategy guides ios android

Then, in order to beat the dragon and save the land, you will be accompanied by other heroes with brand-new glyph skills who will join you to begin a new legendary journey.
Along the game, you will go through from Billow Harbor to dense jungle, barren desert, gloomy graveyard, fiery volcano, and go to the central region of the land

Before going to the tough battle, just go to the Royal Palace/Council Hall and upgrade your most powerful hero especially for a hero, Panda that comes along with his ability to kill multiple enemies at once.

On the other side, make sure to upgrade your weapon until you do not have the materials or stones in which you will be able to gain the materials or stones through normal and elite stages.
Once collecting them, you should save your materials or stones and just hope for a new strong hero in hero altar.
Anyway, if you cannot defeat your current stages, you can repeat previous stages and get more materials or stones.

After going through each battle, you can still get the same experience and you will level up as well.
Also, you can try to resist on upgrading your other heroes that has a mediocre skills.
Next, having a full squad of a full upgrade heroes with good skills will help you to accomplish every stage with ease.

Meanwhile, this game will require currencies such as gold coins and crystals or gems
In line with this, you will be able to gather up those currencies by accomplishing normal quest and daily quest

When playing in normal quest, this is your progress throughout in this game.
Once you have finished a previous quest, you will be prompted to accomplish a new quest but it will be much harder than before.

Besides normal quest, you will also have to participate in daily quest in which playing in this quest will maximize your daily rewards such as coins, exp and other stuffs

For further, you will be able to unlock few things when you are in certain levels
If you are in level 12 you can unlock Gate of Expedition
Meanwhile, you can unlock Guild if you are level 16 and in level 25 will allow you to unlock Hero Trial then you will go to Arena when you can reach level 28 that you can gain after playing this regularly


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