Crowns Cheats in Battle of Littledom iPhone

DeNa with Battle of Littledom game has brought you to find items and summon with a 35% discount
Then, you have to fight and capture Littledom’s historical gods in the special dungeon events

battle of littledom strategy guides ios android

Along the game, you will interact with the fiercest army of tiny warriors, in which each has tiny legs and tiny swords, but they have fearless hearts to protect their Kingdom of Littledom.

In this game, you will be challenged to recruit and guide a group of those warriors to the battle, then reclaim the your land as well as bringing peace back to Littledom

In the journey to reunite the kingdom, you will travel through the area, while looking for bandits, beasts and dark elves along the way.
To help your missions, you will be able to recruit over 100 Mystical Creatures
At the same time, you will have to build your Medieval army of knights, assassins, wizards, and elves in that they will help you in beating enemies down and reclaiming Littledom.

Later on this game, you will take a full control of each warrior’s elemental affinities and you must plan your attacks by using special items to beat your opponents
In order to create the strongest warrior, you have to level up your warriors through turn-based battles and fuse characters of the same affinity

As playing this game for a while, you will deal with Boss characters and to explore new worlds to get your army in weekly special dungeon events

On the other side, this game serves turn based battle system where your turn ends if all your units have attacked then you will get attacked by your enemies afterward.
Every hero here will be equipped with special skills that you can trigger by holding down on your unit’s icon and swiping upwards

During in the battle, you are able to target a specific enemy unit by tapping it
In the mean time, always stay alert of the enemy’s element some as elements are stronger against others.

Also, you will get a big attack bonus against that enemy that you can see in upwards arrows on your character

In related to elements in this game, your units will have an advantage over other units of a weaker element.
And, every element against other elements which are stronger ones.

In the way of strengthening your units, you must fuse them with other units.
Here, fusing similar units will come to the better results

Throughout the game, you will be able to get gold summon that will give you a chance of getting Rare, Super Rare or even ultra rare units
When selecting your units, make sure to look at a unit’s Quality or QLT whereby if you have high quality your unit will quickly level up

Meanwhile, plan your battle strategy by balancing your units level up evenly
Defenders prioritize DEF and HP
Blasters prioritize POW
Strikers prioritize DMG and ATK

In addition, you will also trigger your Special Skill by collecting blue gems during combat to fill your unit’s Special Skill gauge so that you can then use the Special Skill for delivering powerful effects toward enemies


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