Crowns Cheat in Age of Ishtaria iPhone

Silicon Studio Corp has a freshly RPG wrapped in Age of Ishtaria that is specifically designed for the iOS and Android platforms

age of ishtaria walkthrough ios android

In related to this game, this comes along with a very creative and active battle system where you can make various move combinations in order to deal massive attack damage to either enemies or your rivals in the PvP modes.

When battling with enemies, you will be able to use a bunch of ways to improve your attacking party, that you can do by powering up the cards inside it.
Here, you can also enhance a card by picking one card, then picking a some of them to sacrifice, as well as paying Gimmel, and letting your sacrifice cards to power up your gaining card.
So, you can try to sacrifice your more common cards to power up your rarer cards

Later on, you can combine two identical cards into a rarer form of that same card by evolving them.
Makes sure to enhance them first as this will give them the highest base stats to work with.
You can also limit breaking a card in order to spend spirit gems to increase the stats beyond their limits, you can do it when the card reaches 1,000 loyalty.

Perhaps, you may need to modify your party by yourself, as the automatic party selector will not provide you the strongest party.
In line with this, you can also try to come up with specific attack combinations for your party, since the team have automatically populated which is based on the best numbers possible.

If you do not like to the auto party populating system, you can go back and make a new party with at least one of each
At this point, you can have two of one or two of each, so that you can have diverse moves.
Having crumple is a very important attack as it can be decreasing the weight of an enemy so that you can beat them with ease.
During in the battle with enemies, you can make multiple combos that will help you deal swiftly with multiple tough enemies.

On the other side, this game features currency in form of Ishtarian Crowns that you can collect from the events
In order to get more free stuff, make sure to get involved in the events and the raid boss fights as often as possible and whenever you see them

For further, since these are both limited time events, they will come along with some of the best possibilities to earn rare stuff.
These free stuffs will be in form of rare summons which are silver and gold and you may occasionally collect more Ishtarian Crowns by winning in this even.


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