Crown Cheats in Maritime Kingdom Android

GameInsight has presented Maritime Kingdom on the iOS and Android platforms, where you will be brought to build up your new town on the island
At the same time, you should trade with other cities around the world, and go to battle with other pirates for more resources, such as crystals or diamonds and coins.

maritime kingdom new ships android

Early on this game, you should improve and gain levels then go to advance your city by following the in game quests.

Then if you gain a level, go to the residential building store to check if you have unlocked any extra huts or houses.
Once building another residential building you can unlock another worker
For such reasons, you can take care of at the same time in that it will especially be good for completing contracts at your industrial buildings, or for clearing weeds and trees quickly.

In line with this, you just go to the top left corner of the main screen then search for the tasks in form of constructing a specific building, having a contract etc in that all the quest have to be accomplished as fast as possible which will give you extra rewards.
Later on, completing these will go the story forward and help you unlock other new stuff to construct.

Sometimes, you will be running out of building space so that you must clear out all of the weeds and trees in your island
To get more spaces, just go to the actions button and select to either put anything in storage or to sell anything.
Just do this when you have build a bunch of useless decorations for quest completion.

Always take a look at your town for having treasure chests and other hidden goodies.
Sometimes, you will get more gems and other goodies such as free crystals that you can earn from quest completion

With these crystals, you can get anything which you need in this game.
Remember not to spend crystals on anything temporary, otherwise use them for something permament, such as having an extra expansion without having to spend coins which are the second currencies in this game.


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