Credits Pack Cheats in MyNBA2K15 Android

MyNBA2K15 is the sequel of mynba mobile game series developed by 2k games inc in which it prompts you to build a team of 5 plus backups, play simulated games with them, match them, use them and collect them.

mynba2k15 strategy guides ios android

At the beginning of the game, all you should generally do is to go for the player who has the smallest record.
It does not matter to the worst win or loss record, but it is related to the least wins and losses combined.
If it consists of a player with less experienced, it is that none of their cards are trained or combined at all
And, that most of their cards are of the lowest rarities possible.

Along the game, after playing more, you will be able to get more cards whether you win or lose in each match.
If you win the match, you will earn two cards
But, if you lose the match, you will earn one card.

In the way of getting more cards in this game, you can try to set goals and then farm for them
Once you have a full team of cards that are all in position and that are ideally of the highest rarity possible, you will be able to participate in season mode, in which this mode gets you to have one backup for every position.

On the other side, playing a card out of position will kill their energy compared to playing a card in the right position
It is caused by, you will really need one backup per position, PLUS a “sixth man”, plus five more backups.
At this point, be sure that you have no weak links in your full 16 man roster.

Later on this game, you will have to to strengthen your cards that you can do by training and combining them.
In order to train your cards, all you will have to do is to sacrifice weaker cards to power up a stronger card.
Generally, you can use this for your rarer cards or your more valuable cards
By the way, the exception to this is if you are simply trying to build a cast of players that emulates your favorite team, in which case have it benefit whoever you want.

For further, the combination of those cards will get you to mix two identical cards into one, so that it will be coming to more powerful card.

In line with this, you can do this and the card will drop down to level 1 again
For the next step, you will be making for fast training again, and if it is already trained to a high level, its stats may actually drop, but its base stats will improve rapidly.


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