Credits Money Cheats in Implosion Never Lose Hope Android

Rayark has brought AAA console gaming experience wrapped in Implosion Never Lose Hope game that is specifically designed for mobile devices mainly on android platform.

implosive never lose hope walkthrough ios android

This game features a vast arsenal of super-tech weaponry at your disposal, where you can upgrade your armory via the streamlined ARK Kernel system.

Here, you will be a half robot called mech where you will be in between the ultimate fusion of Man and Machine
With your mech, you will have to keep rescuing the species of human.

To play this game, you will be served with a simple two-thumb control scheme, where you can move your samurai character like mech throughout the game’s levels.

Also, you will see that there are a bunch of attack abilities that you will be able to unlock that suit various combat purposes
Later on, the mainstay of combat will involve tapping the basic-attack button.

At this point, completing different tap patterns will go for some different sorts of attacks where you can perform a dazzling sword-tornado attack to a powerful ground-slam.
In the mean time, you can also make different attack combos to learn and test what tap-patterns trigger which attacks.

During in the missions, you can also customize your mech using gear that you have found and collected throughout the level.
Anyway, these minor statistical adjustments will allow you to craft you mech into a machine that fits your playstyle.
With this customization, you will be able to explore each level, while looking for more parts to utilize in your upgrades.

Early on this game, you will also have to learn some items and skills
You must find and equip ARK Fragments as High power ARK Fragments will be able to lend the WM-Ill near unstoppable abilities.

To move your character, just tap and hold the lower left portion of the screen to facilitate movement
While moving, just follow the waypoint indicator for next objective location

In Dash, impulse movement can be used to evade surrounding XADA.
This ability must cooldown after going through 3 consecutive bursts

When attacking enemies, you can use your attack abilities toward them
Tap the Strike glyph to make WM-III Standard attack.
Then, tap the strike glyph as the purple reactor field appears for high force attacks.
Later on, you can find RA from Kada lifeforms in which this item is needed for special ability activation.
Ability glyphs can arm when RA is reaching the required threshold.

As usual, this game will feature some currencies such as money and badge that you will need to upgrade your mech
In order to get them, all you will do is to complete each given mission well
Every time, you can beat all enemies in each level, you will be granted with money
So, you must check your new mission and try to accomplish it as fast as you can


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