Credits Cheats in Jet Run City Defender iPhone

Jet Run: City Defender made by Wicked Witch is categorized into a new endless flying game where you take a role as a pilot a fighter jet throughout a city, flying down low, in between buildings, etc

jet run city defender strategy guides ios android

At the same time, you will have to blast through waves of invaders in this high-speed and destroy a nearly endless horde of space aliens which are trying to take over the city.

Also, you can try to maneuver a futuristic fighter jet through a modern Metropolis while flying at low altitudes and high speeds.

Throughout the game, make sure to avoid getting hit.
In line with this, you can control your plane by swiping left or right on the arrows that pop up in order to make a turn
At this point, if you swipe under the arrows, you will not turn on time.
During the play, always stay alert of the bombs, in which make sure to pay attention and swipe up, down, left and right to avoid them.

For further, you will also deal with the bosses which can also be tough to kill.
In order to kill the boss, make sure to watch what direction his laser starts to move
In the mean time, make sure that you keep your jet out of the way.
Here, just tap on the boss to shoot at him and do a little bit of damage for as long as you can until he starts to fire his laser again.
Just repeat until you can kill off the boss.

In accordance with your missions, you will be given with three missions that you have assigned at a time
Thus, when you can accomplish them, you will get more missions, along with extra medals and experience points.
As a matter of fact, gaining experience will be hard in this game.
However, you will be able to earn medals by collecting them mid round, especially after you kill a boss. Doing so will get you to gather up hundreds of them as a bonus reward.

In the way of earning 5,000 free credits, just go hitting the speech bubble button on the main screen that looks like a chat button
Because of doing that action, you will be able to get the ability and even more free medals as well as other goods in the future.

Once collecting enough medals, you are able to use them in the store to upgrade various power ups.
These power ups will include the slow motion power up that slows down time
And, the tractor beam power up which sucks medals
The other one pick ups toward your jet, and you will have an access to get a huge number of unlockable power ups as well.


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