Credits Cash Cheats in Party in My Dorm iPhone

Party in My Dorm from A Thinking Ape is the most popular games on the App Store and Android store recently where you can party with all your friends in your dorm and be one of the best ever.

party in my dorm walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will be able to join a club and find a party, or you can simply chill and chat with your friends herein

Besides, you will also be able to collect cool merchandises and use more than 100s of different avatars such as a hipster avatar, a surfer avatar, a girl avatar, a boy avatar, and many more

The main point in this game is to build your character up
In line with this, you have to focus on strength or intelligence
Or, you can balance both and become a jack of all trades

Building your strength and intelligence may be the best to start with.
At this point, you can start with the dorm mate giving you the biggest increase in strength
Later on, you can then go for the one with the biggest intelligence which will provide you the biggest value for your cash.

With your cash, be sure to purchase the most expensive dorm mates once you can unlock them since this will attract more party goers to your place.

Cash or credits is the premium currency of this game
You can get it by completing each job

On the other side, you can also hire tutors which are two-way amazing items in the game
These tutors will increase your stats, as they have the potential to make you a bunch of cash.

Hiring a tutor will help you increase your Strength and Intelligence.
So, try pay more for your tutor in order to help you increase your stats that will come to more money in the game

In the way of finding great tutors, you can do this through the Battle mode only
Next, just go to the battle and find characters with a similar level to yours.
There, you can get them with some great stats and a low hiring value in which you can then hire them as tutors

Meanwhile, you can also get some free cash by finding somebody to battle and win it
Then, you can purchase all their tutors to increase the number of cash that you get.
At this time, just try to attack them three times in a row to get a nice profit

For further, you may deal with fights and dance in the game, in which one of them will need Strength to be pulled off and the other one needs Intelligence.
In order to win your Fights and Dance Offs, you can perform an Eavesdrop then find out what your chances are.

Just try to select players with stats similar to yours
According to this, you are able to check out their profile and their strength or intelligence ratio

Always remember to boost your stats by unlocking new dorm room and replacing early dorm mates
Doing this will cost money but it will give you the extra boost in stats


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