Create Line for Best High Score in SPL-T iPhone

Simogo has recently launched their newest puzzle game on the apple store called as SPL-T, where you can make some blocks by splitting the screen horizontally and vertically.

spl-t walkthrough ios android

Here, each block you have created will score up your points, but if they pile up, they can end your game right away.
So, to play this game is about to balance the score by creating a horizontal and a vertical line on the screen

In line with this, you can merely hold down on the SPL-T logo for having a ball-balancing game
Besides, you can also use your mobile device’s accelerator to keep the ball on the balance beam for long time period.

Early on the game, you will have to watch on the little man located at the top of the screen who will indicate what kind of line you are about to create with your next turn.

If you see his arms to be spread out, your line will be horizontal.
And, if you see that he has his arms up in the air, you will make vertical line.

If you ignore his bodily actions, you will sometimes lose your place
And, if you make a single wrong move can blow a whole game.

When creating four blocks of the same kind, they will create number blocks.
At this point, the number on the front will be determined according to how many splits you have made up until that point.

Later on, the number will count down with every subsequent split you create.
At this time, you can try to make some easy to clear number blocks early on the level which will boost up your score
Also, try to make number blocks on top of number blocks on the verge of clearing away
Always remember when number blocks fall down, as their remaining countdown will be divided in half.

For further, try to make new number blocks on top of number blocks on the verge of disappearing in which you must be sure they are shaped in a way
If you can do this well, you will be able to fill in the gap left behind by the old number blocks.
And, you will also be left with an unsightly and useless white space there.

On the other side, you can divide a quadrant of the screen into smaller boxes that will help you with your countdowns

During in that moment, making smaller boxes out of a large box will help you fuel your number blocks’ countdowns.
Anyway, it will be better to alternate your horizontal and vertical splits carefully to avoid making unwanted number boxes on the screen.

Meanwhile, you can also try to shake your phone to change color palettes, such as green, blue, and pink rather than having black and white color on the screen
Also, you can simply turn your phone upside-down to invert colors which will also change color palettes


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