Create Combos to Earn More Coins in Garden Fever Android

Garden Fever is developed by gameone in that this game is recently designed for android platform only but in the future updates, this come may also be made for ios device as well

garden fever walkthrough ios android

This game is a kind of three matching game which is similar to Bust-A-Move Islands, that has been reviewed early on the previous post

In this game, Garden Fever, you will simply enjoy tasty fruits as well as switching and matching fruits to solve hundreds of levels in this compelling puzzle adventure

This game comes along with hundreds of funny puzzle levels, each one is unique
Playing this game is hard to master and it is also addictive gameplay

Also, you will be able to collect booster to help in solving those challenging levels
Along the stage, you will have to make cool combos that you can do by matching rare fruit bombs that will deliver unique effects

To play this game, you will simply match four identical with slide to eliminate.
On the screen, you will merely swipe the strawberry to the left to match 4 fruit in the same colors, so that it will make a fruit line bomb

And, in order to make a fruit color bomb, you can try swiping the strawberry to the left to match 5 fruit of the same colors.

Moreover, you can also make a super fruit bomb, which can be done by exchanging the position of the two fruit bomb.

On the other side, this game will sometimes offer you free stuffs that you can do by simply logging in and playing this game regularly.
Those free stuff will offer you some coins by just logging in daily

In the way of getting those free goodies, you can do time lapse trick that you can practice by changing your phone’s time setting.

Firstly, just close Garden Fever game by restarting your phone or shutting it off from task manager.
Then, change the time in advance for 1 day or above.
Now, you can open and play Garden Fever and you get your daily rewards there.
Later on, if you want to collect more stuff, you can repeat that actions

After collecting the goodies, make sure to change back the time and date to normal again
At this time, just open Garden Fever game but be sure not to play a single game.
Next, close that game by restarting your phone
Before playing this game, go to the time and date settings on the phone then change it to the current time and date based on your region.


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