Cores Cheat in Heavenstrike Rivals iPhone

Square-Enix has delivered Heavenstrike Rivals in a turn-based strategy game, where you will be allowed to attack enemies and defend yourself then deploy and use soldiers on a grid-based battlefield.
Few days ago, this game was in the progress but now it is in the apple store ready to download and play

heavenstrike rivals basic tutorials for iphone android

In this game, bashers are the useful fighter classes in which it they are stay alive longer, they will become stronger.
They are plentiful and come along with a low mana requirement for summoning.
Also, they can be formidable warriors if you can handle them properly.
The main point is to keep bashers alive for as long as possible, then put them up against weaker enemies.
When they deliver an attack, they will get their strength.

During in the battlefield, you can also swap out weak soldiers for stronger ones
Later on this game, you will be able to get new, stronger fighters, so do not forget to add them to your ranks.
You can swap the soldiers once you see your fighters queue is all filled up.
At this point, your stronger troops needs more mana to be summoned onto the battlefield, whereby it will help you have some weaklings on-hand as easily-summoned fodder.

On the other side, you can also use your Captain skills which can bring a huge help in battle.
Here, a powerful attack spell from your Captain can wallop a high-level summon that can be mowing down your soldiers.
And, your Rival Captains can also use skills, but their skills need long cooldown periods.

Besides Rival Captains, you must also pick your vanguard carefully
In line with this, your vanguard will be the one soldier in the queue at the start of each battle, and you can put them on the front lines.

In the battlefield, some attacks will come to important secondary effects in which some fighters will be equipped with some skills that can inflict secondary attacks or statuses.
As an illustration, a specific skill may deliver damage to a foe as well as paralyze them, or poison them.

In the mean time, it will be better to use enhancement tiles to your benefit, so that you can guard them from enemies
In related to this circumstance, some game boards will have tiles that increase your life, attack, or other attributes when passing over them.
Anyway, you can try using these tiles liberally, and you can also try to block off enemies from using them to their advantage.

When battling with enemies, make sure you have more than one healer in your line-up
And, you can put two or three healers in your line-up.
At that moment, your Warriors can shift lanes in that they can change lanes above and below, as long as there is no any warrior standing in their space.
You can also put your magic warriors as they can attack enemies horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other.

Meanwhile, this game will also offer you big bonus if you can do some event missions into completion
You can get new event missions every day that you must complete to get big rewards like super rare fighters to be your collection.

According to this, you will sometimes get cores, the premium currency of this game that you can gather up from that event missions


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