Cool Cash Cheats in Smash Champs Android

Kiloo has created animals to be the fiercest fighters, in Smash Champs, a fierce arcade-style game
Here, you will take a role as a trainer and prepare your champ for combat.

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This game features an elemental system, which exploits do help a bit.
Those elemental systems in this game are earth, fire, and shadow.

Earth beats fire
Fire beats shadow
Shadow beats earth

During fights, you can get help as you can take advantage of elemental weakness adds around 10-15 power to your entire attack power.

In this game, the outcome of a match is based on three factors
Firstly, it is based on your champ’s base power, that is located on the main menu.
This will be affected by how high your champ’s level is and whatever equipment they have on it.
Secondly, it is based on training results.
Thirdly, it is based on hitting an elemental weakness.

In line with this, these are all numbers where the sum of all these factors will equal your total battle performance
So, if it is higher than your opponent’s, you will win the battle and get rewards
As an illustration, if your champ’s base power is 15, and you score 150 during training, you will gain 10 more power if you can hit the enemy’s weakness.
At this point, your total attack power is 175, and if your opponent does not get higher than that, you will get your victory

For further, make sure to get high score as high as possible during the training session
Performing straight slashes will earn you higher combos during training
Similar to Fruit Ninja, this game considers a combo as one straight slash through multiple fruit.
According to this, just try to make your slashes straight and clean to get those combo bonuses.
As you have known from previous statements, the training portion of your total attack power is a big part, so make sure you make that score as high as possible

On the other side, remember that you get a screen-clear bonus whenever you slash up all the fruit in a single wave.
Doing these will be just as good as the regular combo bonuses, so make sure to try to hit all the fruit
In the mean time, always watch out for the bombs as they are never good.

Later on, you will have to unlock a champ from every category
In accordance with this line, it will be great to have a champ from each elemental category so that you will have all your bases covered well.
And, it should cover mostly everything.

In addition, this game is a rather simple game as you break it down to its core numbers.
Anyway, if you want to get the highest score, you can gain it during the training sessions in this game


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