Complete World 1 to Earn All Coins in Super Mario Run iPhone

This game, Super Mario Run from Nintendo has come to the apple store where it is a combination between an endless runner and a traditional platforming game along with streamlined controls compatible with ios and android systems comfortably.

Additionally, this game also uses the automatic motion mechanic where it triggers to propel Mario forward continually.
Because of this, you must time your jumps appropriately so that you can clear obstacles and get the coins scattered throughout the levels.

When playing this game, do not do tapping jump or it will cause Mario to jump off the side of the wall, and it launches him back onto the other side of the pit.

Early on the premier launching, this game comes out with world 1 where there are hidden colored coins to collect in each level.
After collecting a full set, you can then go after the next set of coins as much as you can.

In line with this, if you can complete a set of coins you will get two Toad Rally tickets
Anyway, gathering all coins in each level may not come to easy as you imagine
For such reasons, this page will show you how to find and grab all colored coins such as pink, purple and black in the first three levels in world 1 in the game

According to this, you will have to memorize the time interval for those coins to come out in the levels

When you are about to get pink coins, you will be guided by a big line of coins leading to it.
Thus, just jump to grab it

Next, you will see the second coin floating above a small ledge formed by three question blocks.
To deal with this, try to get up onto those three blocks and jump off to grab the coin with ease.

By the way, related to pink coins locations, those ones in Wall-Kicking It Underground will get you to take the high road in several situations.

You can find them in the starting area after making the initial wall jump up to an area
There, you will see two Goombas are walking toward you
And, you will also be notified with another wall you can wall jump up.

At this occasion, try do that successfully so that you can land on top of a ledge.
Note that there will be a Piranha Plant on the far side of that ledge past where the first pink coin locates.

Later on, you will firstly play a level in Tour Mode, where you can get Pink Coins at five points in each level.
Therefore, you will have to grab all five pink coins in order to get a reward which will be Toad Rally Tickets.

Then, if you can be a Toad Rally champion, you will get a reward of a Toad Rally Ticket for a winning match.
And, you can also get more Toad Rally Tickets in a Toad Rally race


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