Complete Trophies to Earn Gold Coins in Gordon Ramsay DASH iPhone

Glu has continued to launch another celebrity tinged edition to the Dash franchise, called as Gordon Ramsay DASH specially for the ios and android users

gordon ramsay dash walkthrough ios android

Here, you will get a chance to be a star chef
As usual, this game features two currencies in form of gold and coins
To get them, you can get them for free or you can purchase them with real-life money.

In order to get free coins, just go to iaps menu, tap the coins menu, and look below all of the purchase options.
There, you will see a Free Coins button, which will serve you the ad video once you press it
Once watching an advertisement video, you will get a coin bonus.

On the other side, swiping to gather up coins will give you frenzy points
At this point, just leave coins on the table until all slots are filled up
Afterward, swipe to collect them all in one go.
Doing this will help you since new customers will not be able to sit down if there are still coins lying on the table.

However, never hold the coins there for too long, or you will not have enough time to serve all of your customers.

In related to these coins, trophies can be said as the achievements of this game which you must complete for coins and gold bars that are useful to upgrade your later kitchen facilities
Because of this, just collect and complete as many trophies as you can and redeem your trophy prizes to get your coins and gold freely.

If you want to get free gold, go to the gold side of the menu and look in the same area to get the video offers appeared from TapJoy.
Just watch videos there to earn some gold for free and easy

Meanwhile, you must also connect the game to Facebook to get some quick free gold
In the way of getting more gold, just gain experience levels as much as you can
Experience will also come along with stars
To make it happen, you can replay old levels with one or two stars on then max them out to gain more experience.
Doing that activity will also net you some free cash.

If you have enough coins and gold, make sure to upgrade the kitchen especially for the food upgrades Doing such upgrades will give you three star a round fast
Moreover, doing for food upgrades will simply give you more coins for every single item of food you are serving


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