Complete Task to Get More Infinium Space Miner Wars iPhone

Space Miner Wars developed by Venan Entertainment for the ios platform will get you to build your own space mining empire, mine massive asteroids for precious minerals, and upgrade your ships to be efficient miners in the game

space miner walkthrough ios android

In this game, when you build your space empire, be sure to always have and activate the shield
This shield will take the bunt of the damage you take in combat.
And, your shield slowly regenerates, speeding up the longer when you are out of combat.

The main point, is that you must not let your shield run out
It is caused by, if you get low, you must retreat temporarily and take a breather.
Also, your shield will heal itself but your hull will not do it

During the game, you must check mission by tapping the little star icon at the top right of the screen
Completing each of the missions will give you infinium, which are the premium currency of the game
Once completing each mission, be sure to manually collect your reward

Along the game, you will use any mean necessary to defend your outpost and your mining base
In line with this, be sure to outfit it with enough defenses whereby it will discourage even the best pirates.

You must go for the first line of defense of your global shield since it will surround your whole base
You can upgrade it by upgrading the Shield Generator building.
Doing so will be really useful to block some shots from incoming enemies ships.
To defend your mining base, be sure to build some turrets and pods.
Having the hunter pod will send out hunter drones to attack enemy ships outside the base.
At this point, you can try to place your defense structures tactically

When waiting each building to get completed fully, you can go explore for mining nodes that you have not fully harvested yet
Or, you can do another a story mission while waiting your building to be completed in full

Always consider to upgrade your ship at Galactus Trades
At this place, you can buy upgrades for your ship.

Try to have more weapons to power up your main guns.
Upgrading shield will increase your maximum shield and regeneration rate.
Then, upgrading collectors will increase your maximum cargo space, the amount of tethers you have and how far they can reach.

If you upgrade the engines, it can increase your passive dodge chance and improve your acceleration, brake speed, and fuel usage which will be useful when dealing with enemies.

Be sure to upgrade sensors to increase your ship’s critical hit chance and the ore bonus which will also make you rich in the long run!
Thus, just upgrade everything to strengthen your space empire

As said earlier, once completing each mission, you will be granted with infinium
Once having enough that currency, be sure to use the only on a another builder pod rather than speeding up construction times.

If you can get another one of builder, you can build two things at once convenient.
In accordance with this, you will also get around 2-4 infinium for every task you have accomplished successfully


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