Complete Task for 3 Stars Cash Cheat in Agent Alice iPhone

As said earlier, Agent Alice is included in a new hidden object game for mobile platforms where you will be brought to act as a seasoned detective who will have to solve a seemingly endless batch of murder mysteries.

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You will play many episodes, in that every episode will come to three or four different stages.
You will then be tasked to earn more stars, that you can do by playing one stage over and over again that will make you memorize where each object is.

Anyway, you will merely go back and try to solve each stage to earn as many stars as you can.
Having more stars will also provide you more free in game cash as a bonus.
With the game cash, you can purchase more hints to solve each riddle.

Also, you can choose to refill your energy without waiting for it.
Thus, try to complete a stage quickly in order to earn the stars and more points fast.

After getting all three stars on one stage, you will see that there will be more stars available.
In order to unlock them, you must wait until a specific set of requests is complete, which differs with each additional star that you want to unlock.
For such reasons, you can simply go to later stages to get three stars on them
In the mean time, your quest for the fourth Star will be advanced as well.

On the other side, in the way of completing each puzzle to solve mysteries, you will require energy as every time you complete a puzzle, you will earn free energy as a bonus.
In line with this, energy will be restored with time, so just wait a little bit and your energy will be restored fully.


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